Thursday, 15 September 2011

A - Z of Me...

I found this questionnaire whilst visiting my friends blog...and it seemed like a bit of fun and as I'm not back in my kitchen yet...I thought...why not? lol So I hope you find it entertaining...

ANORAK..Do you have a sad side? 
Hmm..sad,eh? Well I suppose some could say my teacup & saucer..espresso set collections are sad. But I would argue to death with them...Oh ok that really does make it sad, eh? lol.

BODY..What physical attribute would you like to change?
I have a long body...but short legs and probably a little more length on them both would be nice. 
CELEBRITY..Which one would you like to date meet and why?
As I am very happily married...I would like to meet...Daniel Craig to see if he is as cool as he seems. Shakira to see if she really can 'shake it' lol. Henry Winkler because he was the Fonz...and Lindsey Wagner because she is 'the' Bionic Woman. 

DEBUT..Tell us about your first ever blog post..what made you start blogging?
My first poor attempt was about five years ago and I found it horrific. So I didn't even think about it again until last year. Buoyed up by the support of My Love and the opinions of my friends I decided to start Rocket and Roses..a food based blog...I remember the photo being orange and dark..I think it was stuffed pumpkins? lol I hope I've improved since then? 

ERROR..What's been your biggest regret?
Not having children..not by choice either.

FUNNY..Who is making you laugh?
I recently caught Tim Vine performing his show on TV and I ached from laughing. There is an Aussie comedian who just cracks me matter how many times I've seen his show. I also love Ed Byrne..and my niece N is the most hilarious little comediene and she's only 2!! lol   

GRAND..If we gave you one right now..what would you spend it on?
Easy..a long holiday for My Love who works so hard..and of course I would go too! And a family holiday for my sister and her family as they badly need one too. 
HOLIDAY..What's your favourite destination?
I haven't been everywhere yet...but last year we went to Aberystwyth (Not sure on the in Wales. I had been putting off visiting Wales for years but gave in to My Love's requests...and fell in love with the place..I could've stayed and never come home. Beautiful...
IRRITATE..What's your most annoying habit?
Impatience..most probably. (No! Actually it's the use of the phrase "it doesn't matter" when it clearly does! - a blog hijack by "My love")
JOKER..What's your favourite joke?
Oh tough one...this is one I heard recently and it made me chuckle...
Why did the vegetarian cross the road? 
Because she was protesting for the chicken! 
See I'm giggling as I type 

KENNEL..Do you have any pets?
We have one little Westie...aka The Sock Stealer
LOVE..Are you single/married/engaged/living with a partner?
Married..very happily too! 
MEAL..What's your ultimate meal..starter/main/dessert?
lol Oh my would be a disaster eaten together but here
Fave Starter: Onion Bahjis with sauce from our fave Indian resturant.
Fave Main: Cheeze (Soya obviously), Onion and Potato Layer with a massive pile of steamed brocolli. Heaven. 
Fave Dessert: 'Good' fresh Blackberries or Strawberries with vanilla soya ice cream. Or Jam Roly Poly and soya custard on a cold winter's evening.  

NOW..If you could be anywhere right now? And who with?
My fantasy 'Dead or Alive' dinner party I guess, just for the fun factor. I think that it's a given that I would love to just have five more minutes with my loved ones, friends and family that have passed on. But for fun that dinner party with Freddie Mercury, Greta Garbo, Lindsay Wagner, Henry Winkler, Jack Lemmon, Luke Morley...oh I could go on for 
Or..on that holiday with My Love...

OFF DUTY..What do you do in your spare time?
lol...time with My Love and friends and family, cooking, reading, writing..
PROUD MOMENTS..What are you most proud of?
My relationship with My Love
....and my tea cup  

QUEASY..What turns your stomach?
Neglect. Abuse. Prejudice. Misogyny. Gelatine. And BO & bad breath. lol
RELAX..How do you relax?
Being near water. Listening to the cello. Listening to the rain. Live gigs.
SONG..What's your favourite song of all time?
Oh blimey so many many genres...too many to choose from. It can change in a mere moment. But for this moment in time...In My Darkest Hour ~ Thunder. Four of my favourite things: Song written by Luke Morley...Acoustic guitar..the cello and Danny Bowes voice..perfection.

TIME..If you could go back in time and relive it again, when would you choose?
If I could go back in time..I wouldn't choose to relive my own may have really sucked at times but it's made me who I am today. However....I would go back in time and bounce around in different time periods as I'm a bit of a history nut so would like to experience the past for myself. 

UNKNOWN..Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?
*whispers* I am a 'The Big Bang Theory' Geeks rock...

VOCAL..Who is your favourite artist?
Luke Morley
WORK..What is your dream job? And are you doing it now?
I truly do not have a dream job so no I am not doing it 

XRAY..Any broken bones?
Few old fractures...but no breaks..thank goodness
YIKES..What's been your most embarrassing moment?
Freezing on stage during a drama exam...completely lost the whole drama partner was not impressed...I must have had other occassions but I can't recall them right now.

ZOO..If you were an animal, which one would you be?
Tough one to answer as I absolutely detest zoos. I can't bare to visit them. And safari resorts. They make me very unhappy. 
But animal? I could say a lioness...or something cute...but in all honesty I think I would be happier being a Womble! lol. I was obsessed with the children's show when I was a kid and always wanted to be that's my answer and I'm sticking to it. lol.  

Orinoco - so cool! lol
Hope you enjoyed my