Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Final Day of Rest....

'Resting' Play List:   Nickelback ~ Burn It to the Ground (feeling fiesty..lol)

Celebration Fireworks! lol (Courtesy of Google Images)
Oh yes...it's a happy day here. It's my last day on 'rest' and I am feeling so much better. But I am not going to go mad...as My Love so eloquently suggested to me last night..."Make a list of what you want to achieve...then halve it!!" Oh well...just being able to pootle about and get out of this damn chair will do me just fine. So I shall try and enjoy the last day  and hopefully finish the book I'm reading and then tomorrow I can hopefully..move my ass! lol. 

So today the post is short but sweet and I hope the fireworks make you smile. lol Food postings are on the way very soon...

Now just gotta be good for one...more....day! Urgh! lol