Friday, 16 September 2011

Freesias for Friendship!

Do you have a friend who is unwell..feeling a little blue...and maybe isolating herself from everyone? You do? Huh. Want to make her day? Want to put a smile on her face? Really? You do? Huh. lol. 

Well I do have one suggestion...turn up at her front door wearing your lovely sunny smile...give her a lovely bunch of white freesias and a huge hug...make a cuppa and stay for awhile and have a good old natter. When you leave she will feel blessed to have a good pal like you in her life, stimulated from having someone to talk to for a few hours and she will feel a little less URGH! lol. 

Freesias for Friendship....beautiful to look at and divine scent too!
You see, I know this works because it's exactly what my pal D did for me yesterday. The flowers she brought me where lovely and the freesias my sister had given me where still going strong so all I had to do was trim them and slot them in amongst them. Marvelous. 

I have been thoroughly spoilt with flowers this week and they are a joy to look at as I am still resting so they are right there with me all day. And now I have a fantastic waft of Freesia every now and then too. I know some people don't like cut flowers..prefering wild and garden grown flowers...I like them too! But when you are feeling low there is nothing like the reminder that your love...your sister..and your lovely pal...are there and cared enough to 'say it with flowers'. And I like to share these with you so if you are having a bad day they may just make you smile too....

So I have two slow cookers/crockpots cooking in the kitchen right now. My Love is away this weekend so we decided to slow cook a couple of recipes so I have something to eat and some food to blog about! So I shall be sharing these recipes with you over the next couple of stay with blogs are imminent! 

Happy Friday all...