Thursday, 22 September 2011

More of a fizzle than a

Paperwork Play List:  Listening to the highlights of Lattitude Festival on SkyArts

This about sums it up! lol. (Photo courtesy of Google Image Search)
Well, day two, off the meds and off rest...and my hoped for 'firework display' of movement and ability, turned out to be..well..a sparkler that burnt bright for about 30 seconds and then went out. Dammit! So My Loves advice of making a list and halving it, has now turned into...making a list...then tearing it up and taking things so slowly that it's almost worse then being on rest. My patience is really being tested today. 

So I am catching up on paperwork and writing up menus and cruising recipes with the hope that this weekend I shall get back in my kitchen. 

I know you have been patient whilst I've been unwell so please keep the faith and I will be back very soon with recipes, food photo blogs and hopefully laughs. 

OK now I'm going to practice my 'patience deep breathing' exercise and try not to scream. *wink* lol