Monday, 19 September 2011 wish! lol

'Resting' Play List:  Nickelback ~ Dark Horse CD

Ah, the start of a brand new week...lovely...two more days of resting then I can start to pootle around...and hopefully that will be followed shortly after by some much needed kitchen time. 

It's been a long couple of weeks..I'd like to think that I've been good humoured..ahem..about it all. Once the pain subsided I was able to take it in my stride...I got through many books, many films and listened to so much music. And as my kid brother pointed out this morning..this was his idea of a perfect day. lol. 

But the one thing I cannot claim is being a patient person. I want to be but it never quite happens. Doctor ordered rest does kind of take away your choices and so I've had to accept the situation but it doesn't stop me trying to rush things. And I think the next couple of days will be the ultimate test. I am feeling much better than I did two weeks ago, five days ago even. But I know I'm not quite there yet and my natural thought process is to 'just do a little of this and that'..which I know would set me back...but my impatience is a hard battle to fight. 

lmao..this is so me...Yikes.
It is a virtue that I lack and make light of it often. But it is a virtue that I truly would love to have. I have tried many things to re-educate myself...I've meditated...I've worked through Self Help exercises..Oh the list is endless and I'm too impatient to type it all..*wink* lol. I can see people who have patience...and I try and learn from their approach or their methods but I can never quite get it right.

I do believe that I have picked up some helpful thought processes along the way. And it really is a constant work in progress. For example...during the early hours of this morning, I was planning out my day..."I could just do a little of this...maybe knock up some of that (Hummus) a little and then do some of 'that'." and so on. But this morning when it was time to get up I had the choice in front of me...get up and get going and end up back at the Doctors....or take it easy, rest and maybe on Wednesday I will be completely well and be able to do things and not end up back at the doctors? I actually realised  that I had thought this all through and was thinking that two more days wasn't too long...and here I am on rest. A breakthrough? Could it possibly be true? lol. Probably, but I am human, not perfect and as open to human error as the next I am taking it slow. Today I was patient...for 15's a start. 

Below is a quote I found online and it is something to aspire to...each day try again..and who knows maybe tomorrow I will be patient for 30 ~R~

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering you own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.  Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622)