Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Rocket & Roses Sunny Salad Bowl

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On these gray English days I welcome the vibrant colours that vegetables bring to my day. And as I eat salads all year round I play around with the ingredients all the time. A few days ago my salad was this beautiful little bowl of colour. And I did smile whilst I was eating it....and the next day I added a watercress salad leave mix to the leftovers and it gave it another feel altogether. Am I the only one who would hang a photograph of this salad on my kitchen wall to cheer the place up? I am..Oh! Well..lol. Art comes in all forms lovelies..

I had managed to pick up a punnet of orange plum tomatoes and a large bag of mixed coloured mini peppers the weekend before. And I know it's not a popular thought but I actually love the fresh, clean crunch of iceberg lettuce so I added a good chunk of that too. I also threw in some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds...and that was it. So there is no recipe to this...just chopping and chomping. A bowl of Sunny goodness....

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday has been fun filled and full of laughter...