Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rocket & Roses Peppery Kale, Potato and Green Pigeon Pea Soup

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Apparently you can have too much of a good thing. Yep...I can say with great certainty that this is true. You see ML bought me a sack of Kale and I spent all of last week using it up. I love the green stuff so I began with great enthusiasm but by the end of the week I was flagging. And I was quite proud that I only had to put a cupful into the compost but it was safe to say I was a little kaled out. lol. I looked forward to a weekend of making non-kale recipes....until ML walked through the door with another sack of bargain kale...this time for a knock down price of 15p. I was so distraught happy to have yet more kale to work with...*dramatic sobs*...I *gritted teeth* welcomed the challenge...lol. 

So I set about trying to think of the quickest way of using it up...and I had nothing. Zip...zilch..nada..nothing..my brain was still kaled out. I turned my mind to other things for a while...ok..so I read a few chapters of the book I'm currently reading...and suddenly I was seeing silky smooth green pools of soup. Uhuh..my mind is a very scary place...lol. 

Before I knew it I was in my kitchen with my pen and paper...chopping...scribbling...stirring. There was also a lot of dancing going on as my play list would back up. I needed loud dance music to keep my energy levels going today. The four legged family did have a very funny moment when he swooped in to 'hoover manover' a dropped peppercorn from the floor...he was far quicker than I. He crunched it...and then started to sneeze, one after the other, until finally he drank his bowl of water and was jumping out his dog flap to run it off. lol. I shouldn't laugh..but I did..a lot. Please don't worry he is perfectly fine now. 

I wanted this soup to be something slightly different from the normal kale soups. I wanted to use unusual ingredients and I wanted it to be peppery without using a chilli or two. And I think I achieved it. This soup is silky thanks to the potatoes and kale...an intense pepper hit thanks to the pink peppercorns and a wholesome edge due to the Green Pigeon Peas. I tested this soup and was delighted with it. There was no scribbling of notes for improvement ideas next time I made it...and it used almost half of the sack of kale. Woo! It's a winner all round. 

Rocket & Roses Peppery Kale, Potato and Green Pigeon Pea Soup

Rocket & Roses Peppery Kale, Potato and Green Pigeon Pea Soup    Serves 4-6
(Original recipe from the Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen)

1 tsp canola/rapeseed oil
1 large onion. chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 large baking potatoes, scrubbed, skins left on, chopped into small dice
1 tsp dried thyme, rubbed between your fingers into the pan
1 heaped tsp whole pink peppercorns
1 lb kale, washed, stalks removed and then chopped
1.5 litres light low sodium veggie stock
low sodium salt to season  (optional)
cracked black pepper to season
1 14oz tin of Green Pigeon Peas, rinsed well, drained

Heat the oil in a large soup pan and then over a gentle heat cook the onion and garlic until softened. 

Add in the diced potatoes and stir well to coat. Cook for 5 mins. Stirring often. 

Add the peppercorns and rub the thyme into the pan and stir to make sure the onion/potato mix is coated in the herb and peppers. Cook for another 2 minutes. 

Add in the kale, stir well and then cover with the pan lid. Leave to cook until the kale starts to break down. Stirring a couple of times to help with this. 

Add in the stock and once again stir well. Turn up the heat and replace the lid and leave until it reaches a fast boil. Then lower the heat to a simmer, lid off, leave to cook for 15 minutes. 

Remove from the heat and with a hand blender, blend until smooth. Add in the Green Pigeon Peas and then reheat the soup and serve after making final seasoning checks. I didn't use the salt but did add cracked black pepper.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a great one...mine will be spent with Ann and Ms.Ella..we shall be lunching then walking Ella and Archie round the Country Park.