Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Parsnip and Brussels Sprout Bubble and Squeak

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Our local supermarket seems to be consistently over ordering on parsnips which means that ML keeps coming home with marked down bags of the creamy roots. Not a bad thing...at all...I am not complaining but it does mean I have to keep coming up with new ways of using them up. lol. I cannot fit anymore bags of parsnip soup in my freezer lol. But it is getting close to the holiday season which means I can start making my parsnip pate...woo! 

So with these beauties in mind I started to look into another new way of using them. And I came up with a new version on an old British recipe. This is a meal traditionally made using leftover potato and cabbage, forming it into patties and then pan frying them. Depending on you personal tastes and usually a lot of dairy butter is used. Therefore I adapted this recipe to suit my vegan tastes and ditched all the traditional butter and salt. 

I enjoyed a portion of this for my lunch and I have to say I enjoyed it but in certain places found it a little too sweet. Next time I would adjust the ratios of veggies but using parsnips and carrots is always going to lead to a sweet dish. I didn't completely mash the veggies like the traditional recipe...I like having a little texture in with my mash. And the results were still very creamy and rich, the fat really wasn't missed at all. And as it was packed out with shredded Brussels sprouts it made it a real pleasure for me to eat...yep..you guessed it...Brussels sprouts addict too...lol. 

This is good for a breakfast, brunch or lunch...and even as a side for a main meal. A little goes a long way..

Good old cast iron skillets..make for beautifully toasted dishes..
Parsnip and Brussels Sprouts Bubble & Squeak  Serves 4-6

300g parsnips, peeled and diced 
200g carrots, peeled and diced
200g Brussels sprouts, prepped and thinly sliced
freshly ground black pepper 
small amount of canola/rapeseed oil

In a two tiered steamed place the chopped parsnips and carrots in the bottom compartment and then place the sliced sprouts in the top payer. Steam over a high heat until the carrots are tender when prodded with a fork. 

Place the roots in a bowl and mash them until your desired consistency..I left some of my roots whole and creamed others. Generously crack in the black pepper and stir well. 

Put your grill/broiler on to heat up. Using a skillet/pan that can be used under the grill/broiler...wipe the skillet around with a little oil on a piece of kitchen towel. Press in the veggie mixture and smooth the surface. Place the skillet over a high heat and leave to cook for approx 5 minutes...the edges should just start to brown. Then remove from heat and place under the grill/broiler for another 5 minutes or until the surface starts to turn golden brown. Serve...


Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is a calm one...