Friday, 25 January 2013

Moments of the Week...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Frank Sinatra ~ All This & Heaven Too
Evanescence ~ Lithium
The O.T Quartet ~ Hold This Sucker Down
Zac Brown Band ~ Where The Boat Leaves From
Thunder ~ Welcome To The Party
Adele ~ Best For Last
The Zutons ~ The Railroad
Christoph Von Dohnan ~ Mozart Jupiter
Meredith Brooks ~ Back To Eden
A Perfect Circle ~ Crimes
Bruce Springsteen ~ The River
UB40 ~ Guilty
Halestorm ~ I'm Not An Angel
UB40 ~ Cherry Oh Baby

Happy Friday one and all! I haven't done one of these posts for a while and as I didn't have a foodie post to write for today, I thought why not do a mash up of things? lol. So I hope it entertains you for a little while. Would be happy to hear what your 'moments' would be...

Thought of the Week

OK...I know it's a little sappy but regardless, it is very true. And I have experienced this a few times this week.

Yum of the Week

Photo courtesy of Trustworthy
This is guest blogger Trustworthy's Boost with Bite scramble. He served this tofu scramble over ciabatta bread this week for his breakfast and sent me a photo. I have been enjoying tofu fritattas for breakfast this week and it was nice to see the lovely man was enjoying a tofu yum fest too! Hopefully he will be writing a post about it very soon...

Movie of the Week

Trustworthy and I usually meet up on a Saturday afternoon and have an international movie moment. lol. This week we had a midweek moment and I finally watched As Good As It Gets. And Trustworthy was right about this movie. It had great acting..many laugh out loud moments and a great story.

Happy Moment of the Week

Regular readers of my little blog will be aware that ML spends a portion of working life travelling around Europe. This week ML has been in Brussels, Belgium and not been well either, with the Salicylate and Nickel condition. So my happy moment was when a very sadly ravaged ML walked in the door and promptly fell asleep on the bed.

Smiles of the Week

There once was a girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad..she was horrid. No wait!!! That's another story! lol. Ooops.

OK so there was once a baby girl born in a maternity ward that was filled with baby boys. She was this little bundle of curly blonde hair, little pink lips and cute as a button. But she had parents who could not decide upon her the enamoured nurses and midwives started calling her Cherub until her actual name was decided. Yep, that bundle was indeed me...and although my parents did give me an actual Mum called me Cherub for many years after. So I've always had this tie to the little Cherub..especially Cheeky Cherubs...and when i saw this Bert and Ernie style made me smile so much.

Tune of the Week

I was sat chatting with a mate this week when this tune played on my iPod. Music is very emotive for me. And as the first few bars started to play I was taken back to a moment in my past when a good friend had sent me this tune. I won't share the whys or what for's..but the tune has been playing in my head ever since. And it's a very bittersweet feeling. Do you ever get tunes like that?

Truthful Moment of the Week

Right..bummer, eh? But it doesn't make it any less true for me and no doubt many other thousands of people who are dealing with chronic long term illness every day of their lives. This week has been quite a bad one and on one day this week this quote summed up my feelings eloquently. Thankfully these lows do pass...but at the really doubt it. This is my truth...

TV Moment of the Week

How happy was I when The Killing Season 2 came through the post box this week. I am very addicted to this Danish drama. The acting and story lines are first class. And I confess I am desperate to learn Danish now because I love the sound of it. I have learnt Thank you...but that's it so far. I know some people run screaming from anything subtitled but not me...I love it.

Art of the Week

'Windswept' Artist unknown.
I found this piece during a visit to Pinterest. I cannot find the artist responsible for this beautiful creation but I wish I could because I have a feeling I would love their other works too. I love the use of the colours and graceful lines. I am enchanted with this piece. And if you recognise this and know who the artist is..please drop me a line so I can give credit where it's due.

Live Music Memory of the Week

Thunder ~ Until My Dying Day
I could fill a Tumbler with images of the memories I have attached to this gig..this band..and this song. For's rock heaven.

Reclaimed Happiness of the Week

When you are on enforced rest..and very bad at find yourself easily going stir crazy..and suffering from bitch cabin fever. So I spend a lot of time listening to music, watching music, watching movies, TV shows and reading. Yesterday afternoon whilst cruising my iPod I found that I had 30 Pod cast plays to listen too. Something I used to do whilst cooking....and so got comfy and started to listen to one. And I had forgotten how much it relaxed me. I won't forget Sad how something that makes you so happy can just be forgotten..

And're's the tattoo

Tattoo of the Week

Not for everyone...but I loved the placement, the black and grey mix and the beauty of the design.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is an awesome one and sets your weekend up well for you..


NB: All images and links were found online and I take no credit at all for their creation but send out thanks to all those that did. Thanks ~R~