Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kale Pesto Spaghetti

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Some of the most satisfying and soothing meals are very simple ones. I am loving trying all the many varieties of kale on offer to me now and therefore looking for many different ways to enjoy it. And when I found this recipe for pesto, I had one of those..."Why had I not thought of this???" moments. lol. Now once again I cannot give out credit where it's due as it's the work of that brilliant person called Anon. But I am sending thanks out into the recipe creating world to whomever did.

I used regular curly green kale for this pesto...well I say I did...but all the work was ML's. lol. OK...so I 'chose' the green kale to be used in this recipe. And instead of using the whole 1/3 cup of olive oil as suggested...ML only used barely a 1/4 cup. As I have a slight oil phobia...anyway..lol.

For the first use of the pesto I chose to have it stirred into some freshly cooked wholemeal spaghetti and I enjoyed every single mouthful. It wasn't overly garlicky as some pesto can be. It was just a beautiful...comforting...tasty....zen like experience of eating my evening meal. And I will be making this pesto often....and it also freezes well too. So I will be thinking up a second way to enjoy it very soon.

Thanks to ML who is spending time in the kitchen and making me all these delightful fresh dishes until I am well enough to get back in there myself.

The simple things in life..eh?
Kale Pesto

1/2 bunch of kale (4 stalks), stems removed
2 garlic cloves, smashed
1/2 cup of pine nuts
1/3 cup of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Place the kale, pine nuts, garlic and 2 tbsp of the oil into a processor and pulse 10-15 times to break up the nuts and chop the greens abit. Scrape down the sides. Put the processor on high and drizzle the remaining oil into the feed tube until a smooth paste is achieved. Season to taste and place into a container with a tightly fitting lid until ready to serve.


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