Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brunch: Guest Host Trustworthy's Breakfast With Bite (Tofu Scramble)

Trustworthy's Kitchen Play List:

Jimmy Somerville - Small Town Boy
Steven Wilson - Belle du Jour
Def Leppard - Animal
Aerosmith - Line Up
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Strut
Led Zep - Achilles Last Stand
Gary Moore - Empty Rooms
FNM _ A Small Victory
Tina Dico - Magic (acoustic)
Miranda Sex Garden - The Wooden Boat
Muse - Plug in Baby
Sensible Pets - Mobius
Flo - What The Water Gave Me
PJ Harvey - We Float


Hey peeps :)

Red has kindly asked me back again and I am very happy to be returning.

I would love to make some wonderful excuses for my prolonged a trek to Everest base camp, a philanthropical tour of the Middle East, or time spent building bikes for the homeless kids of Vancouver...but unfortunately no, I simply have been a lazy tart! lol. And I offer a tip of the hat and a warm hug and handshake to any of you that do any of those awesome things :)

I have, for the last fifteen years, had some ongoing, sporadic but chronic stomach ailments that have evidently stumped the doctors I've seen. Tests have been inconclusive (yada yada), but one of the results is I have been, for the last couple of years, trying to lead a gluten-, or at the very least wheat-free lifestyle. Until a couple of weeks ago where I said "You know what? I can't pinpoint anything that is actually causing me the affliction." and took an executive decision to start eating bread again. Crusty, soft, delicious bread. In fact the whiter and crustier the better, it seems, as it's the browner, healthier, wholegrain-ier stuff that appears more likely to set me off. And that first sensuous bite into the brittle surface of a tiger-tail loaf (aka french stick with marmite rubbed on the crust) was drool-makingly naughty.

I've now started - not every day, but some - having a scramble on toast of a morning. And this latest combination is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine.

I did my usual morning sweep of the fridge...withering mangoes...check....shrinking tomatoes...check...left-too-long-before-freezing leafies...check...oooh, a sweet potato, some kale, an OK tomato, a green capsicum, and some tofu that's just about alright! Excellent!

Trsutworthy's Breakfast with Bite

I peeled and chopped up the sweet tattie and blanched it for a few minutes in boiling water (to a still firm texture when poked with a fork), whilst caramelising some onions with the tomato in a wok, and slicing and seeding the capsicum (pepper to my Northern Hemispherers). Dice the tofu into bite-size bits and turn up the heat on the wok. Throw it in along with the drained sweet potato. Get the tofu and taters seared on a couple of sides, put two slices of ciabatta in your toaster, then throw in the capsicums. Shake for a minute or so until they start to glow a bright green, then tear up a large leaf of curly kale and throw that in too. While that's wondering what hit it, pour on some hot piri-piri sauce (I happened to have some Nando's bottled stuff...yes this particular one is vegan) and let it sizzle while you spread your favourite vegan marg on your just popped-up toast - an olive one works particularly well (I use nuttelex brand, all varieties). Then scrape the lot over your toast and enjoy with a fresh, strong cup of breakfast tea.

The zingy hit of the piri-piri will wake you better than any espresso, and you'll have a ton of energy from the endorphins released :) Make one of my famous (in this house. to me. hehe.) smoothies to go out the door with and you'll be right until at least lunch time.

Till soon,

love, etc.

T xx