Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sunflowers to make you smile....

Today I wanted to share with you the beautiful first of the season Sunflowers that have bloomed. We have two patches of soil on either side of our front window and for the last few years have had Hebe's growing there. And if I'm honest they don't do a damn thing for me. They are So this year we decided to take them out and replant them somewhere else and we bought a packet of mixed Sunflower seeds. (It took some persuading on my part! lol) My Love did all the seed work and planting. I do not have green fingers that's for sure. lol. 

I love me they are smiley and happy plants so I was delighted when suddenly there was large shooting plants springing up. The red/orange variety took very well and I absolutely love them. So whilst I'm off kitchen duties I can see them from my window and they are cheering me up.  
The first Sunflower of the season...the Bee's have been loving this plant!

I really love the vibrant colours in this variety of Sunflower. They remind me of flames...and as a Fire sign that's a good thing. lol 

A true natural beauty!