Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Breakfast ~ Vegan Sausage, Lettuce and Cherry Tomato Sandwiches

Kitchen Play List:  BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

Usually during the weekdays we have a glorious green smoothie but My Love is off work for the week so we have been trying new recipes. This morning we needed a breakfast that could be thrown together quickly and keep us filled up for a few hours. So I turned to our trusty stash of homemade frozen vegan sausages. I simply dry pan fried them until toasty and then served them with a very simple lettuce and cherry tomato combo. The bread I used was a new bread that has been launched this week and I have to say they were very tasty..bread thins they are called. But I confess I did miss my wholemeal rolls. Maybe this girl isn't for changing? lol. 

Uhuh they were as tasty as they looked! lol
Up close is My Loves Italian Feast sandwiches and in the background is my Chorizo sandwiches. And blimey were they spicy The recipes for both sausages can be found under the Brunch labels or you could get them by buying Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan Brunch 

OK I am away to watch Harry Potter...things you do for love? lol

Happy Cooking!