Sunday, 3 July 2011

July's Sunday Farmers Market Bounty

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This morning we jumped into our car and hit the road...we were going to the supermarket to do our bi-monthly stock cupboard shop and on the way we saw the signs for an 'almost local' Farmers Market. So we detoured and decided to have a walk around as it was a lovely sunny day and we weren't in any hurry. Last time we ventured to this market we were very disappointed and came away with one bottle of cold pressed rapeseed oil! But something seemed to drag us in today. And blimey were we surprised at how big it had grown.

We began to stroll around and My Love was enjoying all the free samples along the way. lol. Then we saw a luscious veggie and fruit stall and we both stopped with our mouths open as there in the boxes in front of the stall were lovely beets...with their full greens attached!! Believe me, this is rare. We have so many green smoothies that call for beet greens and we end up having to sub them out. So My Love went through the box and picked out the best and stood in line to pay...only to be shocked again when the chap asked for £1 for the large bunch. We were stunned but very happy. Then we walked on a little further and found a specialised potato stall which to be honest I started to walk past until I saw a little sign that had 'Blue Adzell' and I stopped dead in my tracks and grabbed My Love and said rather loudly...."OH MY GOD LOOK BLUE POTATOES BOO!!!!"....Ooops a little embarrassing to be that excited over blue potatoes but even more embarrassing was the fact it wasn't My Love at all....but a rather shocked lady in her 70's. My Love I found five stalls back in a rooibos 'tea heaven' stall! lol. So I stood in line and waited for My Love to catch up and we then bought what the woman on the potato stall had left...and it came to 90p. We were once again stunned. We hadn't been successful in finding seeds for the purple/blue potatoes that we wished to grow and I have recipes that I need them for so it really was a fantastic find.

July's Farmers Market Bounty...we were very happy! lol
The stalls were really very varied and I was happy to see a Gluten Free, Dairy Free Wheat Free baked goods stall. However it was no good for me as they had eggs and meats in their products but it was still good to see. Progress, eh?

Our lovely beets and attached greens...I have to say...Wehoo! lol

A fab bowl of Blue Adzell Potatoes...this week's Mystery Ingredient Challenge Item so I've been told! lol.

Amongst the stalls we also made many stops to admire the produce and the arts and crafts on sale. We were drawn in by a stall that had boxes of dried fruits and raw nuts. I wish I'd realised what a good offer the nuts were as we were scandalised by the price that the supermarkets had put theirs up to this week. The dried fruits were plump and jewel like and bared no resemblence to their packaged counterparts and we purchased 100g of mixed berries and 100g of strawberries. Next time we are going to stock up on their nuts. Live and learn! lol.

A little fuzzy but as you can see a beautiful mix of dried berries. lol

Lovely ruby jewel-like dried strawberries...Yum! lol

The final stall that we made a purchase from...we were limited to the amount of cash we had with us at the time...was from a very good olive stall. I usually like my olives pitted and salty but these olives were just so tempting. They were large, plump and filled with amazing things and, yes, they were marinated in oil and when I opened the box to take this picture I did freak out at the oil on my good old oil phobia strikes But these olives are going to be worth the freak! lol. We chose 200g of the pimento filled and lemon filled green olives for a reasonable £3. 

Our final purchase at the Farmers Market...Pimento Stuffed and Leomn Stuffed Green Olives.
We were so pleased that fate seemed to steer us towards the farmers market. We did cry at the increased prices of the supermarket but we know we are not the only ones who feel this pain. 

But the main lesson we have learnt today is to get our asses to the farmers market. Our town has a small one on the second Saturday of the month and we are going to check that one out too. But it's safe to say the first Sunday of the month, My Love and I will be found, with our pull along shopping trolley, strolling around the Farmers market!  

Hope you are having a great Sunday!