Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Guest Blog ~ My Loves Mystery Challenge Item..Garden Peas straight from our garden.

It's a sad fact this week that I am unable to do even the lightest of kitchen duties so My Love has stepped in and has taken over the cooking for me. I just would like to say thank you My Love. 

The mystery ingredient challenge item is a lovely bowl of garden peas from My Loves garden. 

Peas fresh from the garden ~ Please be kind about the photos My Love took them and wasn't sure they were blog worthy. But what's a bit of fuzz between friends?? lol
These little lovelies were made into a very tasty Dahl which was served with brown rice. I have blogged about the dahl before so if you want the recipe...use the search button using Vegetable & Butterbean Dahl and it's waiting there for you. 

My Loves Dahl with our fresh garden peas. It was delicious and much appreciated. A slightly strange angle and a little shadowy....I call it atmospheric! lol
I'm hoping to be back as soon as I possibly can. So please keep stopping by....

Happy Cooking!