Thursday, 13 March 2014

Amie Skin Care Products: Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free

Amie ~ Morning Dew Matt Finish Moisturiser

I am having a day off of kitchen duties and catching up on other things so that being the case I have no recipe to share with you lovely people today. I do, however, have a great skin care range to tell you about. 

Whilst cruising the skincare products, during a recent visit to the supermarket, I found myself getting very cross that so many products still don't carry the little Bunny sign to say they are cruelty free. ML was helping me in this task in an effort to get out of the supermarket more quickly no doubt lol. Crouched down reading labels I was suddenly presented with a tube of moisturiser. I rolled my eyes thinking ML was showing me yet another brand that wasn't cruelty free and  so I turned back to my task. ML said "Hey! Look this one is vegan!" Lickerty split I was standing back up and scanning the label on this new tube. And sure enough it was vegan and proudly displaying the little Bunny sign. I could have cried. 

I have big trouble with moisturisers and have such sensitive skin that I can no longer use a facial wash, cleanser or toner on my face. I have to use good old H20 and an exfoliating sponge. And I was beginning to give up on ever finding a moisturiser too. I decided to give this one a try because I liked the Vit E, Bilberry and Rosehip ingredient and also the matt finish element. That night when I had removed my make up, washed and exfoliated my face I sat with the tube and enjoyed simply smelling the product for a moment. It has a very pleasing smell...its not an overload of's just delicately pleasant. It is almost lotion like in texture but very silky to touch and spreads well so a little goes a very long way. It soaks in quite fast and doesn't leave a nasty film on your skin. Once its applied your skin really does feel refreshed. 

I test moisturisers at night because by the morning I know for sure if I'm reacting to them. I woke up the next morning with still soft skin, not one single little blemish from using the product and I hate to say it...a pleasing glow. lol. I've used it every day for the last two weeks and my skin is still happy, still glowing, still feeling fresh and blemish free. I personally have only tried the Morning Dew because that suits my needs but I have to say the rest of the skincare range looks to be just as good. And for those of you that wear a foundation or mineral powder base they also have one of those too! Worth a try, eh? 

I can't recommend the Amie range enough and being able to purchase it from my local supermarket is an added bonus although their website is pretty good too. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday has been a good one folks...


NB: Image is not mine and was found on line. I therefore take no credit for its creation whatsoever. ~R~