Sunday, 16 June 2013

Some vegan bits and pieces...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Chris Cornell ~ Roads That We Choose
Nerina Pallot ~ The Right Side
Deacon Blue ~ Wages Day
ABBA ~ Money Money Money
Thunder ~ Gimme Some Lovin
Snap ~ The Power
Leanne Rimes ~ Please Remember
The Cranberries ~ Pretty
Portishead ~ It Could Be Sweet
Chris Cornell ~ Cleaning My Gun
Doris Day ~ Move Over Darling
The Union ~ Cut The Line
Queen ~ Radio Ga Ga
Maroon 5 ~ Infatuation

Good day to you...I am currently up to my eyes in boxes and packing materials so I am getting no time in the kitchen of late. Blimey do I miss fresh I am hoping to bring foodie recipes this next week so please bear with me? Today I had a small amount of time (whilst ML was busy reading Game of Thrones...*eye rolls* lol) to throw some things together. I hope you enjoy the collection of random vegan things that is todays posting...

Oh where to start...

A truth that has always been my personal train of thought. As a very small child I questioned the consumption of animals. My Mum said I rejected all meat based baby foods...and then as a toddler simply told her...Mum I do not want to eat animals. On some level I instinctively knew that just because everyone was doing didn't mean it was right! That never left me...thankfully.

......well...we just do! lol

Would it be wrong to laminate this and hand to people before they get the chance to ask? No..not even sometimes? lol But wouldn't it be easier...

When I saw this tee I fell for it big time..would proudly wear this t-shirt...

This excellent vegan quote popped up in my email I knew I had to share it with you...One Lazy Vegan did a great job with its setting and Mr Bentham makes a sobering and honest point...

Vegan Freak Aluminium Ring via Etsy
I love unusual rings and this one I found on Etsy really appealed to me. I am indeed a vegan freak..and own that fact. lol.

You guys know me well enough by now to know how much I love tattoos...and I get giddy when I find a tattoo that combines two of my this Fire Lotus and Vegan quote tattoo practically made me pass

Rain drops....Keep Calm slogan...did I mention the rain? lol Just threw this image in because not only am I vegan junkie..I am a rain junkie too!

*contented sighs*...vegan biker jackets and boots. I recently purchased one similar to this one but so far its been far too hot to wear it. But when it starts to cool no doubt I'll live in it. lol. The market for vegan clothing has boomed recently and now you can get vegan/fake leather items online so easily.

Yes I know its 2013..but don't let that take away from the sound statement...and finally I shall end this posting with a smile...and leave you in the hands of Gus...

Right it's back to packing boxes for me...but thank you for stopping by and I hope your weekend has been a splendid one...


NB: None of the images used are my creation..all found during online searches. So therefore I take no credit for any of them but send thanks out to those talented folks who deserve it. ~R~