Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm back but busy...

Rocket & Roses Packing Play List:

Sugababes ~ Hole In The Head
Missy Higgins ~ Going North
Gary Moore ~ Jumping At Shadows
Sting ~ If You Love Someone Set Them Free
Temple of the Dog ~ Your Saviour
Maroon 5 ~ Miss You Love You
Tim McGraw ~ Unbroken
Puddle of Mud ~ She Hates Me
Eddi Reader ~ East of Us
Jack Johnson ~ Go On
Kaiser Chiefs ~ Oh My God
Martina McBride ~ Wrong Again
Shakira ~ Hey You
Mr Buble ~ You Don't Know Me

Hello folks..I'm back..no really. I'm just very busy trying to get the house sorted. You know that whole ten years of accumulating 'stuff' and therefore doing a lot of.....pack, sell, charity shop decision making....and it's tough. lol. Of course I need the white top with the punk writing and tears....and the Tupperware container that has been sat in the back of the Tupperware cupboard for the last ten years!! And don't even get me started on the library...I may not have read said books for 20 years...but I still need them. lol. Arggghhhhhhh!

Despite the natural resistance we are both feeling at getting rid of the excess stuff, we are making slow but good progress. Thanks to the help of our friend A who is a great motivator. ML and S did a car boot sale at the weekend and shifted another 4 boxes of 'stuff'. It broke my heart to sell the contents of my gym but the reality of renting a place as big as the house we are moving from, forced the sale of each item. Dang! The house is slowly beginning to empty and hopefully in a few weeks we will be packed up and living with only the minimal contents needed. So the estate agent can come in and take photos and get it on the market. And we will be one huge leap closer to the move to the city. Times they are a changing my friend.

I will be back with a foodie post in the next couple of days...and once again I thank you for your loyalty and support.

I hope your week has started well and continues to be so...