Sunday, 23 June 2013

Images and thoughts from the last week...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Janiva Magness play list on iPod

Hello folks...great news...there will be food posts aplenty from Tuesday! Alas not from my hard efforts but ML's and I shall be blogging about them. So please indulge me as I bring you another image and thoughts based posting. I was enjoying listening to Janiva Magness's play list on the Pod and I had a few moments of thinking back about the last week...and decided to collate some of them together for today's offering.

So as I have mentioned the lady twice already I shall start with her. I admit I had never heard of this awesome vocalist until this week. How this was possible, I have no idea. Because the moment I heard the opening lyrics of You Were Never Mine...I had fallen hook, line and sinker. And this morning I relaxed listening to her entire body of work whilst researching...a great way to spend a Sunday morning. But be may need a tissue or

Janiva Magness ~ You Were Never Mine

I am a firm believer in living in the moment...although it's a struggle when the pain is riding me hard. This image I had printed off and hanging in my office. Until A & I got started this week and stripped down the walls and hangings and the final packing up is due to happen Tuesday.

You only have this moment folks...make it count.
On Saturday my sister and her little ones came for their weekly visit. Each one of the little ones waited for a moment I was alone with them and questioned me about my move. I really didn't realise how it would effect them. So I was a little sad about that but spent time with them and reassured them that they would still see me every Saturday..just somewhere with great parks to play in. As a distraction I asked them to help me pack and sort the DVDs. And what fun they M got tired of DVDs and decided to decorate the boxes as we filled them..although I am fairly certain little L would've preferred to make one of these...

LOL Maybe at the other end I'll let them make these..
Do you believe in soul mates?'s one of 'those' questions..isn't it? I'm undecided. But this week it's one nagging thought that won't go away. I found this quote..and it kinda made sense of the nagging questions. I can't bear all that hearts and flowers cutesy soul mates maybe that was why I was having trouble with it.

So yes...maybe now I think I do believe.
This week has been a tough one for a number of reasons so when I haven't been keeping distracted and focused on the move...I have been watching a lot of Stand Up Comedy. And blimey have I laughed...past the point of tears...and serious Oh ouching. Don't you love that feeling? I do. I find no matter what I am going through...laughter is the best medicine.

I will always laugh until I cry....
My favourite foodie moment of the week has been a dish that would send most of you running from the room. (I do read your emails every time I use But I adore the little green globes of yumminess. When I saw this recipe by The Healthy Family and Home I had to print it off, to make very soon and share with you. This actually made me smile...

Raw Vegan Chipotle Almond Stuffed Brussels Sprouts
Yum, eh? I cannot wait to try these..however ML said I will have to wait until I can carve them out Spoil sport.

My friend J sent me this painting and I loved it. His reason for sending it was highly personal so I shan't say anymore except...Yes.

Sadly we don't know who the artist is so cannot give credit where
its due. If you know...drop me a message and I shall amend this caption.
Regular readers will know...I believe in staying hopeful..and I believe in smiling whilst you do so. So when I found this picture I had to share it...

Nope..not ever.

Do you ever get that moment when you are reacquainted with an old have forgotten you even have..or its been hiding on your Pod. Then something or someone reminds you of it and you are carried away with its awesomeness or emotive qualities? You do? Good so it's not just me because I would hate to think others don't get that feeling. I had that happen this week. I was reminded of a song..I YouTubed it whilst reading the lyrics...and found it on my Pod waiting for me. Such a good tune and heart stirring lyric...and thank you to the lovely who gave me the nudge..hope you folks enjoy it too?

Aerosmith ~ Dream On
I want to walk along this jetty and take in the beautiful view and sit down at the end and paddle my feet in the water until I am ready to slide in and away. Such a glorious I use in a visualisation..

Peace, acceptance and beauty.
Well this wouldn't really be a Rocket posting without the odd tattoo design, eh? Although I am now sensing a theme running through this posting. lol. When I saw these words I read them out to ML who said..."Very you dear.." lol

Damn straight!
I'm never sure where I stand on Digital Artwork. Maybe it's because my Mum is a fantastic free hand artist and therefore Digital Artwork is therefore the Kindle of it's world. Please don't email me with the many virtues of the But I did find this piece of art by Consuela Para and it made me start to rethink that thought process. I adore the use of colour and I feel it's storm reach out to my emotion and link up.

And finally...a link to Steve Hughes, who is a comedian that I had the pleasure of watching this week. He helped with the Happy and we found out he's coming to the city we are moving to in November so we are hoping to take in his show Live.  Woo!..

Steve Hughes on Live At The Apollo London
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is a fantastic one...and I'll be back Tuesday with a food blog...promise. lol


NB: All images and clips were found online so therefore I take no credit in the creation of them. I send out great thanks to those that did. And am happy to give credit where it is due. ~Red~