Friday, 21 September 2012

Vegan Fashion Fun

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23.9.12 - Updated thanks to Molly @ Rambling Vegans

Some fun was needed in the Rocket & Roses HQ this week...and although I had great plans to try and cook one meal this week...I, well, failed. Mind and body completely working against each other. So I took a few days off of blogging and watched movies. Lots of movies...and talked with Trustworthy...a lot. lol. ML has been swamped at work and been away in London for part of this it's been an unusual week. Anyway......

During a recent image search, I came across some fabulous t-shirt designs. And I revisited them today and was stunned by the things on offer now. Right across the board from the humble yet awesome T-shirt to jewellery. I lost a couple of hours searching the various sites. And from that came today's posting..some of my favourite items and the websites where you can find them if you like them too. I hope you enjoy....

So first up is the excellent fashion must..the T-Shirt...
This excellent Tee made me laugh so hard. And of course it's a tree so I was naturally going to be drawn to this one.
Sadly I couldn't find the link for this Tee but I just loved the message...AHA...I can now tell you that this Tee is the work of Herbivore Clothing Thanks Molly! And having looked at their website I wanted to add about 100 more to this

Great design, eh?
This design was part of a graphics website that hinted that it could be made into a t-shirt.
*singing* Power to the people...power to the people..power to the people..right on!...Second verse...Power to the animals...Power to the...well..ok it doesn't fall off the tongue as well but you get the sentiment, eh? lol
The Keep Calm fashion can get a bit much, can't it? But this one is a great addition to the trend.

Goth Art via
Goth fashion will always be close to my heart and I loved this t-shirt design. It really made me smile..I would wear it happily even if I am

The rebel in me loved this design...just to annoy the meat eaters out least the judgemental ones. Great...just loved it.

And now...wait for and boots...
I swear I will be wearing baseball boots when I'm 90 if I am fortunate to live that long. The whole Jimmy Choo thing is lost on me I'm afraid. I do like a good pair of heels...but most of the's boots. And I freaking loved these ones...can't wait to buy some.
See...I told you I like a good pair of The rock chick in me still thrives and craves a pair of shoes like this. I love everything about these...and I've already picked out the nail varnish too! lol
I do love a variety of baseball style boots...and these definitely hit that button. Happy boots.
Dressy or what? And yes...vegan. I loved the colour of these and the ankle strap detail.

And now for a little jewellery...
These just caught my eye...and I loved the simplicity and the cute little heart. Don't need them...but want
I adore cuffs. I love cuff style watches and bracelet cuffs. So when I found these little beauties I was very happy. Now they aren't perfect as I would always choose silver over brass or gold details..but still very nice to look at.
The copper jewellery this company makes is enchanting. And I enjoyed browsing through the pieces.

And now for some fashion fun...
This one is for Trustworthy...he is a little addicted the the green leafy that is Kale so when I saw this one it made me smile. I can just see him dancing around his kitchen with this on. lol

And if the Tee's, footwear and jewellery didn't do it for you. It isn't quite hitting the spot..we could always take the idea posted by Peta via the lovely Alyssa Milano..and go truly natural and green...albeit slightly wiffy design of evening dress....

Breath taking and beautiful and very green...not to mention
stinky dress. Awesome, eh?
lol..No? You sure? Too green? Well I would have to agree...but it really is stunning. You almost miss how cute Milano And you really wouldn't get a lot of wear out of lol.

Oh well I hope that has entertained you for a short while and that you enjoyed it. All images are taken from the web and where possible I provided the websites. I take absolutely no credit for the creation of any of them.

Thank you for stopping by and being endlessly patient with me. I hope your Friday is a great one and your weekend filled with happiness...