Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Having one of 'those' weeks...

This one seemed to
I most definitely am having one of those weeks. My patience is being sanity chipped away at...and my humour dissipating at a rate I can't quite control. Thank goodness I have good music and people who love me...because without them I would be so very lost.

I had great plans for cooking this week and have the ingredients sat in my fridge but so can do. Wherever you are in the world reading probably heard my screams of did? Sorry..hope you wasn't sleeping. Anyway.....enough with the whining.

I have escaped to my happy place in my head for a few days...I'm sorry. But I will be back in the next couple of days...

Thank you for stopping by and being as loyal as ever. I am a food blog

Hope your week is being better to you?