Thursday, 6 September 2012

Emotions and Music

Hello folks...yes I am still alive. lol. Thank you for being patient. Today's post is based around a poster I found online at Pinterest and I found it inspired me to work a blog around it. It's a joint effort between myself and the lovely thank you fella. I hope you enjoy our selections and would be happy to hear what your choices would've leave a message if you can or drop me an email...anytime. Enjoy! ~R~

Music, music, music...thank the rock gods for music! lol
Music is Heartache

Pearl Jam ~ Black  (Trustworthy selection)

Pearl Jam's classic Black
This is a beautiful song and I couldn't agree more with T on's the final lines..."I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky. But why, why, why can't it be, can't it be mine?" 

U2 ~ With or Without You

The heartbreaking With or Without You
What person hasn't felt something to this lyric and haunting melody? The pain of heartache is perfectly summed up in this my opinion.

Thunder ~ Don't Wait for Me

Truly sad and beautiful
Don't Wait for Me
Mr Morley's lyrics are a pure joy to me...even if they are making me This fine song is a perfect example of the heartache felt when working through a breakup. Perfect. Danny sings the hell out of this...I was right down at the front for this gig and happily admit..I was in tears...dammit. lol.

Led Zeppelin ~ Tangerine  (Trustworthy selection)

A great tune by the rock legends Led Zep...the music link is a full lyrics one. If unfamiliar with this song you will quickly see why T chose this one. Questions that go through you mind when thinking of past loves...

Chris Cornell ~ Arms Around Your Love

Arms Around Your Love
For me...the first time I heard this Cornell song I was stunned. A song about being a fool in love and then having to watch, feel and absorb all the emotions that come with watching them moving on without you. Heartache and reality check all in one Great!

K.D Lang & Roy Orbison ~ Crying

The awesome Crying
So as a child...when I heard the original version of this..I would cry. A child!! No where near a heartbreak...*shaking head*. Many many years later when I was going through a heartbreak this version played and the combination of the legend that is Orbison and the very beautiful voice that is K.D completely floored me with heartache...I love this version by far over the original and any other cover of it.

Doris Day ~ Love Me or Leave Me

Love Me or Leave Me!
As a small child watching a movie matinee with my Nan I remember watching this movie and the build up to this clip was such that when she sings this couldn't help but hear and feel her pain and heartbreak...

The Cure ~ Pictures of You (Trustworthy selection)

Pictures Of You
Trustworthy says:
Pictures of You has touched my life at various stages...most notably when my mum and dad split up and in this last year when going through some personal stuff...

Gary Moore ~ Still Got The Blues

Still Got The Blues
What a sad loss it was when the musical world lost this man. I loved him and his talent is never forgotten here. The way he could make his guitar wail..sheesh and I have a very special attachment to this song. A is many of his tunes...Always missed Gary.

And last but by no means the least...the most excellent...

The Union ~ Cut The Line

Cut The will need tissues!!

Heartbreak/ache in every word sung by Shoulder and every melody played by Morley. The song is about being brave in the face of heartbreak. Getting to the point where you need to say goodbye to a toxic situation...and oh my goodness did I ever have to live through this moment. Perfectly written...just heartstoppingly beautifully tragic.  

Well I think it's safe to say that both myself and Trustworthy have had our share of heartache as there were a whole heap of songs we could have added to this section of this blog. So now we move on to music salvation...Phew!! lol

Music is Salvation

Evanescence ~ Bring Me To Life  (Red & Trustworthy selection)

Bring Me To Life
It will surprise you to know that I hated this song with a passion when it broke all the charts. Didn't get the whole Evanescence thing...until I was going through a particularly bad time with my health which was affecting my mood. This song played on the radio and found myself crying and finally..I got it! And now I love this song...sometimes more than others, it's painful to listen to because it reminds me how far I've got to go. But more often than not it gives me me that spark to keep fighting.

Cello ~ Chopin: Nocturne # No 2 In E Flat. Op 9/2

Cello/Chopin beauty
This combines two of my music loves...the cello and Chopin. When I need to switch off completely or work through pain of any kind...I close my eyes and listen to the beautiful sound of the cello...or Chopin's Nocturnes. Usually the later is the piano..but sometimes I mix the two and find myself very calmed and re-energised by them.

Depeche Mode ~ Judas (Trustworthy selection)

Trustworthy says:
This song says to me...and highlights...the need to do the easiest thing is not always the right way...that to achieve what we want...especially in love...we need to walk through treacherous times together, be there for one another, ACTUALLY be there for one another rather than just SAY you will be. A condition of my love is...honesty. Take the risk, put yourself on the line...because I am...and together we will defeat all.

Thunder ~ My Darkest Hour

My Darkest Hour
Although the tale of this song is heartbreak and reaching the lowest point because of it..I find this song truly soothing. The cello and acoustic guitar lift me...Danny's vocals filled with emotions...Morley's song writing is very necessary for my soul to remain calm and this song does that for me.

The Gossip ~ Standing In The Way of Control

We should always..Stand In The
Way of Control
I first heard this song whilst I was on my honeymoon in Bonny Scotland. lol. Both ML and I jumped on it straight away with many "God I love this tune..." lol. For me it makes me feel this fire in my belly that I used to feel and reminds me that there is still so much work to be and uplifting like a good cup of Ginseng T!!! lol. Love their music.

Brandi Carlile ~ The Story

The Story
Oh how I am a fool for this woman's This was the first song of hers that I heard and I bought the album straight away. This song fuels me...I love everything about it..from her vocals...lyrics..the arrangement...everything. When I need a lift...I play this...I even have the video on my

Clint Mansell ~ Death Is The Road To Awe (Trustworthy selection)

Death is the Road to Awe
Trustworthy says:
This piece for me sums up Tom/Tommy/Tomas's journey-achieving immortality. The explosive climax as he literally becomes One with the universe gives me goosebumps and shivers.

Music is Love

Harry Connick Jr ~ It Had To Be You

It Had To Be You
For ML...and that's that. lol.

Faith No More ~ The Real Thing (Trustworthy selection)

The Real Thing
I confess I had never heard this song until today. I searched out the lyrics and they really are something...the link above has the lyrics added in so you can enjoy them too. Nice one T..

Paul Weller ~ You Do Something To Me

You Do Something To Me
From the first bar of this song...all those years ago...I have loved this tune. I'm struggling to think of a word to describe it's effect it has on me...Oh yeah that's

Ella Fitzgerald ~ Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
You have no heart if you don't get the legend that is Ella. So her singing such a beautiful lyric to this show tune from Pal's a pure pleasure. I love this song because it captures the heady feeling of falling in love. No matter how old you can still made you giddy.

Alan Bennett's History Boys, when made into a movie, used this song perfectly when being sung by a very much in love with his friend school boy. The vulnerability that the actor oozed was emotive and I will never forget that moment...ever. I couldn't find a good quality clip of that exact scene but here is a link to the recording of the actor Samuel Barnett doing his here.

David Bowie ~ Absolute Beginners

Absolute Beginners
I will always have a special place in my heart for this song. It reminds me of being a teenager and the all consuming teen love you experience. The line 'I absolutely love you...' makes me smile every time I hear it. I can feel the school uniform on me and the weight of my school bag..every time it

Beth Hart ~ Am I The One?

Am I The One?
Oh my! The magnificent Beth Hart. This woman rocks my music world...I love the blues and an awesome rock chick and in Beth I find both. This link to a Live performance of this song and I warn you easily offended folks..there is some colourful language but just go with it. It's an amazing performance not just by Beth but her band too. This song has everything for me...powerful lyrics, great tune..and a fantastic performance.  *swoon*

Eric Clapton ~ Wonderful Tonight

Wonderful Tonight a classic

OK hush! Totally sapping out with this one but it is a beautiful song...a classic. It will always be a favourite because it reminds me of an old friend who loved the song so much..he drove me mad with it. But now I can appreciate it's beauty.

10CC ~ I'm Not In Love

I'm Not In Love
I was 3 when this was released. lol. But a few years down the line when Mum played her Top of the Pops albums I would hear this song and know exactly what it all meant. I was quite in touch with my emotive side before the age of 9. lol. I hear this tune now and it could almost be written for me...those who know me personally will know just what I mean and the rest of you lovely folks will have to take my word for it. lol.

So that was the section dealing with Music is Love and all that yucky stuff. lol.

Get Your Music On

Now this section I have taken the interpretation as...what music makes you get up and dance. So with that spirit in mind..we chose these...

Body Rockers ~ I Like The Way You Move

I Like The Way You Move
If this comes on..I'm matter how much it hurts. I have been a dancing nut for this tune ever since I first heard it..sat having a coffee with my pal Michael...shortly before we were dancing around our office to it..good memories.

Jr Sr ~ Move Your Feet (Trustworthy selection)

Move Your Feet
All I can say to this Why am I surprised that T chose this one? lol. But have to say listening to it and linking it made me chair dance and smile alot. Hope it does you too?

Guns N' Roses ~ Paradise City

Paradise City
Oh my many times have I ditched my drink in rock nightclubs to get to the moshpit for this many times have I danced around the house or kitchen to this song when the opening riff plays on my Pod?? How many? Way too many to even begin the memories..

No Doubt ~ Hella Good

Hella Good
I cannot stay still when this song is's totally out of my control and I have to do something. I have to have songs like this in my life...good for the musical soul...

The Levellers ~ Just The One

Just The One...bottle! lol
This was an end of a rock night special...picture a hundred leather  (I know Eww but it was before the big V!) clad rockers and rock chicks all Irish jigging around the moshpit to this So funny and so much fun so I still enjoy it to this day...(please forgive the hideous Gary Glitter presenting at the beginning of the clip)

Truth Hurts ~ Addictive

Addictive Yep so
This tune and all the others with the same groove call out to me..I have to give myself over to the hip wiggling Awesome...

The Union ~ Obsession

Obsession or Possession? Could go
This tune makes my whole body tremble...when I saw then perform it Live...oh my. Such a great tune...great lyric...anything by these guys works for me But their stompers like this are particulary special.

Wow..that turned into an epic blog and has nearly taken me a full day to chose, link and love every second of putting it together for you. Now I have to say...the selections for both of us would change on a daily basis...and it was so hard to keep it down to the numbers above. As I moved on to each section I would get 100 other great tunes bombard my mind. Ah time. lol. If I am mad enough to do this

Thanks to Trustworthy for his selections and for the laughs. And as I said at the beginning..feel free to share your selections...look forward to it.

Hope your week has been good so far and you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I've entertained you well.