Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tough life choices...

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Well life has certainly been interesting around here of late..and feel I need to share a few parts of it with you folks. If only to explain why I haven't been as regular with my postings as normal. So with the help of some posters and a song I shall do my best to enlighten The first one being one that will make you smile..I did me anyway. But pretty much sums up my life right now..

Image not my creation as it was found online. I take no
credit for it.
You have a choice, right? It would be very easy to buckle under the pressure of the many elements of my life right now..that seem to be rapidly falling apart. When you are left feeling bewildered and almost have a choice...get off your ass and fight...or give in. I'm not the giving up type but it sure has been a temptation lately. Fighting is's exhausting...and when everything you try, seems to be a failure, it's hard to keep up the momentum. So everyday is a choice...I bite it and make the funny face...or I disappear. It's lemons all the way for me. Can making the funny face so much give you premature wrinkles? Huh...anyway...

Image not my own. Yada yada
My health issues are the overriding factor at the moment. I am struggling under the pressure I put myself under to be well and 'up and at em'. The new treatment isn't working and I'm about to go back to the hospital to start from scratch again. Frustrating...and have found myself quite low at some points...maybe a little more than I realised. I realised that I was breaking some of my own life rules...which are adequately summed up by the above poster I found on Pinterest. Thinking about my health in the past makes me sad...thinking about the potential it has to wreck my future makes me anxious....and in doing both of these I am robbing myself of the ever precious present moment. Not healthy... know the drill...not my creation etc
So....the other big choice I was forced to make recently. Now I have to be a little vague on this subject right now and I make no apology for this as it affects others so until it's common knowledge I am not going into details. I was put into a situation that I have been dealing with for 30 years...only this time I didn't grit my teeth and work through the anger and humiliation. I simply said Enough..I am done with this. And for the first time in my life I made a purely selfish decision. One that will take me out of the toxic situation and hopefully help speed up my health recovery too. But I found once I made this decision, my heart and mind were at complete peace with it...and thankfully ML was on board too! lol. And now I am having to take a crash course in that virtue that we all know I am so skilled in..patience. It's going to take a little time to move on...but it will happen.

As you can maybe now see it's been a little stressful around here...ML and Trustworthy have been doing all they can to keep me have my sister, Mum and kid brother...and of course the Little Ones...and by no means least my pals...but the situation has left me drained thinking up blogs have been a little tricky.

Dixie Chicks ~ Not Ready To Make Nice
The lyric to this awesome song by the excellent Dixie Chicks really does explain how I feel about the choice I've made. About the people who forced me to this point. Anger at them..and forgiveness...never. But now the decision has been made I have found a new steel to keep fighting and move on...and a peace. Make no mistake I still have wobbles but my steel is stronger thankfully. Onwards and

Love this quote and's not
I think this is a lesson that should be learnt very early in life. Challenge the system..challenge all the people that say No you shouldn't do that. Ask why? Stand your ground...ask for explanations and then....prove them all wrong! I know there are going to be people who will think my life decision is madness...and will advise me against it. But I will most definitely make them all have to eat their

I will be back with regular daily posts very soon..I make that promise to you folks. And hopefully sooner than later food related posts. I know Trustworthy is working on another one. And I want to thank you all once more for your loyalty and for coming back each day. It's never taken for granted..

I hope you are having a good week and your weekend plans are peaceful and fun.