Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hearts and Jars

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The Pretty Reckless ~ Light Me Up Album (a little taken with it lol)

The inspiration for today's post came from two different places. The first being a beautiful photographic art piece I found via Pinterest (I really should get a commission for how many times I mention It really touched me like a good piece of art should..and the second inspiration, was the song Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. Now I am not one to follow a trend in fact I would go as far as saying if everyone else is doing it...I'm not. I'm just made that So I was very put out when I found that I loved this fantastic

The art that sparked the inspiration...
sadly I cannot give credit where it's due.
Artist unknown.
So many emotions flooded me when I first saw this photograph. Too many to put into words. I just know I connected with it and its simplicity and genius on many levels. I love this very much.

Christina Perri ~ Jar of Hearts
In case you have been hiding in a cave somewhere for the last few years and haven't heard the's your chance. A beautiful song by an awesome woman.

Vegan Heart in a Jar
Now I know you all know this is vegan foodie is!! So it would be remiss of me to not make a And here it is...a vegan heart healthy salad in a jar...Get it? *groans* OK...but it's the best I could come up Blame the meds folks..

Julia Mcinally ~ Jar of Hearts cover
This localish singer/songwriter is amazing. She writes beautiful songs and music and works really hard. Her cover of Jar of Hearts I think is a very good one and so wanted to include it in today's posting..and give J a shout out. You can check out her YouTube page here as it's definitely worth it.

Just lovely...
And finally...this photo made me smile. I'm gonna have a go at making this for myself. However choosing which book to use will most probably make me But I loved the simple elements that make up this jar. The string, the written word, the heart and the burning candle. *sighs* Lovely...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Thursday is going well and you are having a great time?