Monday, 20 February 2012

Small steps...

Workroom Play List: Philippa Gregory ~ The Queens Fool Audio Book

Found this during a search..and it seemed to fit.
I am sat at my desk! Yes! Not the chair I've been 'resting' in for weeks. Marvelous. I still feel as dreadful as I did that last time I posted but at least I am sat at my desk this time. lol. We finally got my new workroom/office set up yesterday..well sorted enough that I have a working desk and space to move around. The Sock Stealer is not happy with this new arrangement having gotten used to snuggling up with me all day. lol. So everytime I move I find that he is wrapped around my feet! Would be so cute if it wasn't annoying! lol.

I am still on rest but at least I can do a little at my computer in the mornings until something is sorted out. I rather like my new room and when it's finished properly I know I will get so much done in here. I am surrounded by all of my favourite things..and it's a room that is shut away from the rest of the opposed to my last workroom which was a walk through room to the kitchen. Which I admit was handy for when I was cooking etc but even now the kitchen is only a room away so it's no big deal. I found the old workroom functional but it was annoying not having the privacy I needed. This fits better and as My Love reminds me when I get a pang of guilt for taking this room for my work room.."It's our house..we use what rooms we wish for what we want..nobody elses business!" that's that. lol.

So that is my first small step for this next is hopefully hearing from my Doc to find out what the next move is going to be. My op is looking like it will happen in April now! My urgent op...that is. *groan* But I shall try and stay chipper and hopeful. From somewhere I hope to find the energy to get myself back in the kitchen. I am seriously having withdrawals now...I am dreaming that I am cooking...used to be it's cooking. lol. Both I would like to be able to do again...

Oh well...I feel the need for another cup of Nettle & Peppermint's shocking how exciting my life is right now! lol. I have been using my rest time to get plenty of new recipe ideas down on recipe based RocketandRoses will be back soon.

Thanks again for stopping by...~R~