Tuesday, 14 February 2012

DIY Valentines Day...

Valentines Play List: Harry Connick Jr ~ It Had To Be You
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I hope this day of love is finding you all well? I'm still chair bound..pain is winning the big prizes this week. But at least I'm not typing this from a hospital bed..silver lining and all that. lol This year Valentines Day isn't as big a deal as it usually is, as we are both exhausted and feeling grim. My Love's Salicylate Sensitivity is kicking some serious ass of late and that coupled with long work hours are taking their toll.

So going out and kicking up our heels is not going to happen but we still wanted to celebrate..funds are also low this year so we agreed to make our own cards. And to be honest it was fun. When we exchanged cards this morning we were both grinning like fools. The lovely cards are sat on the mantelpiece and every time I look over at them..they are making me smile. We never buy gifts but this year I recycled a little polished stone heart that I bought a number of years ago and gave that to My Love to keep in a pocket..and when things get hard during the day..it can be held etc etc...Ahem..OK enough of the mushy stuff! lol You know what I mean eh? lol

Would I like to be whisking My Love away for a few days in France? Sure. Would I like to be in my kitchen at this moment creating and cooking a lovely meal for us both? Most definitely! (insert screaming in my head here...lol) Would I like to be feeling well so that it takes some of the worry off of My Love's shoulders? Absolutely! But none of these things are going to happen today....sadly.

But what has and will happen is the same as every other day...the knowledge that we are committed to each other...that my heart still skips a beat when I think about My Love...that we don't want to be apart...and that we love each other deeply. And our homemade cards say all of this and very much more..without the bells and whistles and expense of the commercial Valentines Day...and you may groan at will after I say this...for me every day is Valentines Day...

Keep it simple guys...love is love...but mostly I hope you all enjoy whatever it is you are doing...

And if you are single may your day be blessed with happy moments.