Friday, 24 February 2012

iPod Shuffle Fun ~ 1

It's Friday..wehoooo! Well kind of wehoo except we are lock down this weekend because the little ones have Chicken Pox doing the rounds. So far it's just little J who is massively covered with them so he at his Nan's with his Dad..and I don't envy them the task of trying to stop the itching. *shudder* I remember my Chicken Pox memories well..there wasn't a part of my body I didn't get them..and have a few scars to prove it. Ah we are staying clear of everyone until it's gone. So...that means we have a weekend with nowhere to one to visit (I shall miss my sister and the little ones greatly..) and both not feeling great ourselves anyway. So I have visions of lots of book reading, movies watching, writing (please let that be so?) and a great deal of music listening. Not a bad way to spend a weekend I's just that it doesn't really mean a big change for me as that is how my days are spent at the moment. The weekends usually mean fun..getting to see people I love and getting out the house. OK enough It's one of those days..don't worry I've just mentally slapped myself! lol..anyway....

Not my photo..I found it on a online search but I do have the badge...and it felt right for this blog posting
I saw this idea for a post via a friends blog a while ago and I enjoyed reading it. The iPod is a great thing and the Shuffle facility is one I use constantly when I'm writing or cooking (Oh cooking..*sighs*) and it has made me laugh out loud many times over the years with its selections. But it keeps it interesting, eh? lol. So here is the last 12 Shuffle selections from my iPod this morning as I've been writing.

Red's iPod Shuffle

Auf Der Maur ~ Real a Lie
Melissa Der Maur is originally from the band Hole and although I wasn't a huge fan of them..well apart from one hit..I have found I really enjoy her solo music. This is from the album of the same name.

This World ~ Luke Morley
Luke Morley is probably one of my most favourite songwriters. I've been a fan for more than 20 years. His lyrics are like stories and can make you laugh or cry. The music is good old rock music. This song is from his solo album El Gringo..his massive body of work can be found in the albums of Terraplane, Thunder, Bowes & Morley and The Union.

Happy House ~ Siouxie and the Banshees
lol Oh...the many hours spent throwing myself around the Youth Club discos to this tune. Always makes me smile..

The Last Time I Saw Paris ~ Noel Coward with Ronnie Munro Orchestra
I warned you there would be moments of laughter at the selections! lol This is a very good song and I love the orchestral arrangement.

You & Me ~ Shelby Lynne
I love Shelby Lynne but I am the first to admit sometimes she does need to smile more..and this song is one of those moments and you can almost hear her trying not to laugh until the end..which she then does.

Day Dreamer ~ Adele
Taken from her 19 album. I'm a very recent convert to Adele. And I much prefer her second album 21. This song is from 19 and not one of my favourites but it's ok. I think she is a superb singer songwriter and hope she keeps going without falling into the pitfalls some of her peers have.

Tourniquet ~ Evanescence
A good song. I didn't get Evanescence at the beginning and got so fed up with hearing their first big hit. Then one afternoon, a few years later, it came on the radio when I was feeling a little blue and I got it. So I bought the first album...then the second..and fell in musical love. lol. I guess even if you are nearly 40 (Blimey, did I just admit that???? Nooooo!) the inner mixed up teenage rock chick still needs an outlet. I'm looking forward to the new album...and Amy Lee is a very talented and beautiful woman.

Haydn: Cello Concert in D, H 7B/2 - 3. Rondo ~ Christine Walevska, Edo De Waart English Chamber Orchestra
I have to have a little Cello every day to keep me sane. It is by far my favourite instrument and I have many albums of it's beautiful, tragic, exciting sound. It is a necessity in my life...

Since I Left Her ~ Bowes and Morley
Bowes and Morley are the lead singer and lead guitarist/songwriter from the british rock band Thunder. They separated off and made two albums together and this is from Mo's Barbeque album. The lyrics to this song are at time funny..."It's not me but my phone that's playing up!" and sad as it's obvious that there is heartbreak. The vocals from Danny and the rest from Luke..make a beautiful song.

Denovo ~ Joyce & Dori Caymmi
Joyce is a huge name in the Jazz circuits and has had a very long and interesting career..she is from Brazil and we had to the pleasure to see her live at the local Jazz festival in our nearest city. Our pals D & B surprised us with tickets and we had a very entertaining night. (Thank you guys..I know it was some time back now..but still!) She had a fantastic voice, was funny even if we didn't quite know what she was saying when she switched back to her native Portuguese. We bought the album that night to take home and have enjoyed it greatly since then. The album is Rio-Bahia.

Maroon 5 ~ Misery
From the album Hands All Over. I have been a fan from the beginning even when it wasn't so cool to admit it..but I always did because I simply enjoy their music..their lyrics are at times raunchy, silly, sad or serious...they remind me of bunch of cheeky teenage boys and they make me smile.

So there it 12 last played shuffle songs from my iPod this morning. Currently listening to Womankind by the Little Angels..and that has blended into Vivaldi: Flute Concerto In F, Op. 10/1 RV 433, "La Tempesta Di Mare" - 1. Allegro ~ Yehudi Menuhin; Alberto Lysy; Camerata Lysy - Gstaad - Vivaldi : The Four Seasons...phew that's a mouthful lol. And now as I sign off I am listening to Evermore ~ Mr Diamond. lol Keeps you on your musical toes this shuffle...

Hoping I haven't bored you to a snooze like Hope you have a fantastic Friday and Weekend all...

Thanks for stopping by...~R~