Wednesday, 22 February 2012

No you didn't just say that?

Workroom Play List: Peter Gabriel ~ The Book of Love
                                            Europe ~ Roll With You
                                            Audioslave ~ Drown Me Slowly
                                            The Gossip ~ Yr Mangled Heart
                                            Bowie ~ Young Americans
                                            The Cure ~ Boys Don't Cry

Now you know your life has slowed down to a miserable crawl when hearing the news that your nearest shop has started selling a product you have wanted for..well..ever...makes you smile something silly!

This kitty had just the right silly (I know I don't usually do 'cute' but today felt like a day I could!)
My Love went to the shop this morning to buy some more Oat Milk, to find that there wasn't any on sale anymore..which is a problem! However what was sat on the shelf was a new range of fresh Almond Milk!! Yes..Almond Milk. You can never find it around where we live..even from the Health Food Shop we visit in the nearest city. So no long life Almond to find Almond Milk on sale across the road...and for it to be fresh! OH MY GOODNESS! I'm practically giddy. lol. Now My Love didn't have time to read the ingredients so I still don't know if it's packed full of nasties...but I am hoping it's not. I wanted to try making my own at some point but it is just so expensive to buys nuts in Britain at the moment. We have to buy tiny packets of them for stupidly high they have been put on the 'luxury' list which is very sad to me.

I shall report back and update this blog when I find out which brand and price it is and if it's nasty free.

Well that's my piece of good news for today...I'm still 'resting' darn it but I have my Mum visiting this afternoon and then shortly after a couple of I shall be kept busy. lol.

Thanks for stopping by...~R~