Sunday, 26 February 2012

Between Me and You...

Workroom Play List:  Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ Pride and Joy
                                             Lennie Hayton ~ Sweet Sue, Just You
                                             Santana ~ Aye, Aye, Aye
                                             T/Pretty Reckless ~ You Make Me Wanna Die
                                             Emma B ~ Cricket Song for AnaMaria
                                             Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake. Act 2 #14
                                             Paul Whitman & Orch ~ Without A Song
                                             Def Leppard ~ Let's Get Rocked
                                             Billie Holiday ~ Them There Eyes

Image taken from web search..not my own work
*whispers* Now this is just between me and you...I have been up and about this weekend and not stuck in my chair 'on rest'! And I'm still Rumour has it that I may even make it into the kitchen this afternoon to cook a couple of soups for the week ahead. I know! lol.

OK enough with the silly. Yesterday we finally got the room change around finished and also made the changes I needed to make to the kitchen. It was extremely tiring...but mentally I felt better than I have in quite some time. I also made a start on transferring my dried goods from plastic to glass containers. There something quite satisfying about emptying packets into jars..well for me It's a long term goal to make a complete changeover, as glassware isn't cheap so I have to do it bit by bit. But it will be a relief to be rid of all the plastic. Whilst doing all this swapping and changing I have nearly a whole kitchen cupboard free now...although I don't think that will stay that way for Little battles eh?

So if my body can keep me going for a few more hours today I may be able to bring you a genuine recipe based blog tomorrow...It will be such a relief for me...

In all honesty the Consultants are all messing around and leaving me just sat here...and I can't live like that so I am trying to take back some control. I'm starting small and not pushing myself too hard..I'm not an idiot! But I need to be doing something...I'm also going to start back in the Gym this week on a very basic routine...5 minutes on the treadmill, bicycle and rowing machine to start with. I may not be able to do all three but I'll do what I can each day and see what happens. I need to build back some stamina. Wish me luck,eh?

Hope you are having a great Sunday? Thanks for stopping by so I can share my