Saturday, 21 May 2011

Strawberry Ice Cream

Kitchen Play List: Laughter and giggles from the little ones & shrieks from the bigger kids! lol

Strawberry Ice Cream
We had the pleasure of a visit from my sister and her little ones..always good to see them. The last time they were here I promised M & N that they could help me make some strawberry ice cream. Fun! So this morning they turned up eager to make the luscious treat. My Love had bought two large punnets of British Strawberries and it almost made me and my sister cry at the thought of the beauties being squashed and blitzed. Ah well. lol. I will confess that this isn't the healthiest of recipes but it's saving grace is that it isn't choc full of the nasty preservatives that the shop bought ones are. 

So I set out two bowls and divided up the strawberries and let the little ones 'get squishing'. lol. Messy work but so much fun. We then helped them to squeeze the lemon and then put everything into the blender and they stood with covered ears as it all blended to the bright pink mush. My Love poured the mush into the ice cream maker with the 'help' of M lol. Then both M & N stood over the ice cream maker as it churned. lol. Rather like little ones or animals watching the washing machine going round. lol. Then I mentioned lunch and making star shaped sandwiches to go with their Matoes and Peppers lol. N is a Matoe munchers and M can't get enough Peppers, much to his Mums disgust. lol. 

So lunch was had and in the meantime My Love had scooped the ice cream into two tubs to finish in the deep freeze. After a little play time it was decided it was taste testing time. So they all sat there with their bowls of strawberry ice creams with extra strawberries on top and enjoyed every mouthful. Even little L who had a tiny taste on her Mums finger enjoyed it. lol. A great success I think. There was even enough left for them to take home a full tub to enjoy later. 

Next week I have been asked if we can make a green ice cream....My Love suggested spinach..but somehow I don't think that will 

M's Ultimate Big Chill & N's Princess Ice Cream!

Strawberry Ice Cream Makes 2 pints of Ice Cream

1lb/500g ripe fresh strawberries
1/2 pint/300ml soya cream/double dairy cream
4oz/100g white caster sugar
Juice of one lemon

Mash the strawberries or puree them in a blender. Mix the sugar, cream and lemon juice into the puree. Blitz together and then pour into an ice cream maker. Churn for approx 20 minutes and scoop into a freezable container. Serve and enjoy! ~R~