Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oodles of Noodles ~ Tradewinds visit

In the next largest town from the one I live in, is a shop called Tradewinds. It's an Asian store and it has a great feeling as you step inside. The lady, that seems to live behind the counter, is a very funny woman and I could chat with her forever. Before meeting My Love I lived in that town for 18 months and every week I would make a point of going in and soaking up the atmosphere. On the counter there was always a large bowl of fortune cookies and it became a weekly ritual to go in and buy one. I love this shop but hardly ever get there these days, as we usually go to the nearest city as that's where our closest friends live and the best shops are. So I was very excited about going back to visit Tradewinds. 

It very nearly didn't happen as a catalogue of events seem to happen to prevent it but finally we managed to get in the car and go. And everything was exactly as I remembered it to be. We slowly perused every item on the very full shelves and filled a basket with products we couldn't find anywhere else. It was a truly relaxing experience...if I was being dramatic I would go as far as saying it was spiritual. lol. One very exciting moment was when we turned a corner and almost walked into the 'new' noodle wall. It's quite hard to find vegan noodles so when recipes call for them I end up using the same old wholemeal noodles from the supermarket...and to be honest...they aren't that good. So I gazed longingly at the colourful packaged noodles and thought..."Yeah right...they are all gonna be full of eggs or milk!". I picked up a package and read the ingredients to prove myself right....and was so WRONG! Every pack I picked up was vegan! So five different packets of noodles later I was a very happy woman! Oodles of noodles we remarked as we went on to the next section of the shop. 
Tradewinds stash...Oodles of Noodles and lovely stuff! lol 
As an addict's a constant when we walked into the 'crockery' section I was a positively giddy fool. And the products on display were just beautiful in some places...and hideous in others! The prices were laughable but tucked away on a bottom shelf I found some delicate and very beautiful rice bowls. They spoke to So I picked one up and braced myself for some ridiculous price and was shocked to find they were £1.50! Bargain! So two got stashed in the basket and we made our way to the counter. 

My Tradewind beauties
Truely divine...I know there should be a help group for
And in keeping with tradition we bought our fortune cookies at the counter and hastily opened them when we were sat in the car. We don't actually eat the cookies as they aren't vegan but we save them for the Little Sock Stealer as he likes to devour them! 

My fortune cookie
Now I was quite excited when I opened mine and read out aloud...'Luck is coming your way!'. Great I thought...I could do with some of that...until I realised it didn't actually specify good luck! So I am going to hope that it's good luck....

My Loves fortune
Now some people may whoop at this fortune! You will inherit a large sum of money. And who couldn't use a large sum of money, eh? But for My Love to inherit someone would have to die and that just stinks. We both agree that we would rather people be alive and happy..thank you very much. So we consider this fortune a 'dud'. Just the way we feel folks...

So we had a lovely escape yesterday and enjoyed many things. We also bumped into an old friend and spent a few hours catching was a good day!