Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Simple Frozen Banana Sticks

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So simple...so tasty and no hidden sugars
These little beauties are so simple that once you try them yourself, you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of them before..at least I did. I found this mold/storer that many years ago I've quite honestly forgotten where and when. I have a vague hazy recollection of them arriving in the post so I think it was possibly LakeLand Plastics...which any foodie knows is a fantastic shop...you can lose hours in there. They never let you forget about them either..as you can order online and they have many shops across the UK and they send colourful and so tempting catalogues...damn them! lol. Anyway..I also have one for strawberries and a orange segment which looks like a small bomb lol.

There is no lengthy process to making theses lovely treats...simply peel the banana and take of the bottom brown end and then make sure all the stringy bits are removed. Insert the stick into the chopped off end and then lay them into the tray...I told you it was so simple! You could do this with regular lolly sticks and place them in a freezble container...

The only effort is to not eat them before they go in the freezer! lol
Then place the cover/lid over them and leave them in the freezer to...well..freeze. lol.

They are delicious as they are and little ones love them. But if you fancy something different for maybe a BBQ then it's nice to melt some chocolate and dip the end of the banana in the choc and then roll them in chopped nuts. The chocolate hardens quite quickly so you have a delicious treat.