Thursday, 24 April 2014

Filipino Chayote...(with a few moments from Aysgarth Falls)

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I am back after celebrating my birthday...dealing with hospitals..walking a waterfall and then dealing with more hospital stuff. To be honest the last couple of days I have trying to get my life back to normal...get back into my routine. ML went back to work yesterday and is also trying to get back into the swing of things. But we've had a lovely time over the last two weeks so there is no complaining here. On Sunday myself, ML, little Noo, Ann, Caz, Dev and Bev all travelled up to Aysgarth Falls and we took our time enjoying all the walk had to offer. The splendour of the falls, the beauty in the surrounding woods including all the many different spring flowers. I really just enjoyed being out in the fresh air, with people I love and despite the agony I was experiencing during the last part of the walk...(one too many fields! lol)..I wouldn't have changed a thing. Little Noo had a great time and enjoyed her scavenger hunt that we'd put together for her and to quote her little self...It was very tiring but an AWESOME day...just before she crashed out cold in the back of the car. Cute. At the end of recipe you'll find some memories from the day...all courtesy of our lovely pal..Ann. 

Let's get to the staggers me when I find a recipe that is so very simple. It's easy to get lost in a stack of ingredients. This recipe has just four ingredients and has the most amazing flavours. I had picked up a couple of chayotes during a recent visit to the Indian and Continental Store over in the city. They are the most ugly things but have a very refreshing taste. I urge you to try them if you already haven' are missing out. The recipe was found posted by Anon...again. It is incredibly easy to make and I enjoyed mine with brown rice and chick peas although the suggested accompaniment was jasmine rice. It has a great mix of savoury and sweet to it and for me that was enjoyable. I will most definitely be making this again...

Filipino Chayote

Filipino Chayote

2 med/large chayotes, skinned and de-seeded, chopped into cubes
2 med onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 med tomatoes, de-stalked and finely chopped

In a med wok or skillet heat a little oil or water/broth and cook the onion and garlic until softened. Add in the tomatoes and cook until they have broken down. Add the chayote and a little warm water, cook, covered until the chayote is tender/crisp.'s that simple folks.


And now for the Falls....

Freshly trimmed and raring to go Archie at the beginning of the

The four legged family was in attendance on this walk and both Archie and Dev & Bev's Ella had a great romp. 

Aysgarth beautiful. We set up camp here for our picnic

The sound of the falls made my heart beat faster. We decided that this was the perfect place for the picnic and for the hour we sat there I was completely at peace. 

Aysgarth Falls...further up the walk

The falls for me were they were wide it meant the walk was more achievable for me. If I'm honest I would've happily set up a tent and stayed there. 

A very happy Noo..

Noo looked just the part with her new (but broken in) walking boots, walking t-shirt, walking fleece and rain coat. She also carried her own back pack with all her food and drink. And I lent her one of my walking poles which she never let go of even when having her picnic. lol. She loved getting in amongst the creatures, flowers and loved listening to all the gang who were more than happy to spend time with her. Even when she was clearly tired by the end of the walk (and who blinking wasn't? lol) not one moan or whinge passed her lips. She carried on like the trooper she is. I was a very proud Auntie.

The family of ducklings who joined us
Noo was delighted when a mother duck and her little ones joined us and she and Ann climbed down next to the waters edge to get a closer look. They were very adorable. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is going well...


NB: This recipe is not mine and therefore take no credit for it whatsoever. I do send out thanks to whoever did and would be happy to give credit where it's due. Also the photos from the Waterfall Walk are courtesy of Ann aka the doggie whisperer...thank you lovely for all your beautiful memories you caught for us all in your photos. ~R~