Saturday, 17 November 2012

Treehouse Cafe & Shop, Aberystwyth

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When I first visited Wales (and fell in love with the place) I particularly loved Aberystwyth. For two reasons, firstly because of the sea front...we sat down there a lot and I felt at peace and could've just stayed And secondly for the Treehouse Cafe & Shop. ML had done a search for veggie cafes before we had left home and the Treehouse came up and was closest to where we were staying.

And although they weren't a purely veggie cafe...they did do a very good selection of veggie and vegan meals. I respected their slogan they had on their flyers and advertisements...

"Treehouse...Croeso/Welcome...herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and free thinkers all welcome..."

Downstairs is the shop and its earthy and organic and is a treasure trove of groceries (most of which were items I had been trying to get in England and failed) and fresh products. Upstairs is the cafe and is relaxing and rustic...everything a good wholefood and organic cafe should OK maybe I'm pandering to stereotypes a little here...but it was just I make no apologies.

So it only seemed fair that we call in whilst in Wales this time and we were close to it. We didn't eat in this time but I did enjoy a slow perusal of the shop and came away with a little bag of goods....

My stash!
So from the left....the most exciting purchase was some Parmesan Style we can buy the dried kind here but never before have I found a block of the stuff. I was almost

Look! I was ridiculously happy with
Next up is the Savoury Pate which is a staple in our cupboard as it's great for a quick sandwich filling and is exactly what it says on the tube...a heady hit of savoury yeasty pate.

They have a very excellent selection of baked goods and I found a pasty that was Butternut & Pea filled.

Sorry for the blurry Most of their baked
goods are made in their was this one!
I enjoyed mine hot and surrounded by a rocket, cherry tomato and cucumber salad.

Salad with a little And by the way..
the plate is a tea plate!!! lol
The pastry was at first crisp and then melted in your mouth and so tasty. The filling was spicy and the butternut and pea combination worked really well together. So good.

Gratuitous filling
Well it would've been rude not to include one, eh? lol I love the occasional pasty with a great salad. Sadly this will be my last wheat based one...but it was a great one to be remembered fondly. And I'll be trying this filling in my GF pastry recipe very soon.

Next up was another 'giddy' I am a keen noodle enthusiast. Love them anyway they come and it's one of the sad things about going completely GF but I have been reassured by Trustworthy that I will live and find new noodles to I also love miso..and edamame beans so when I found this package filled with all three things...I actually wehoo'd..the Oh well. Anyway....

GF, vegan and just simply
I will make my own version of this very soon. I'm so pleased that buckwheat is still I already have a stash of them in my noodle cupboard. lol.

The other items were a bag of TVP mince granules as I had big plans to stuff a pumpkin whilst there but never got the energy to do it but it will most definitely get used up. And last but by no means least a Vegan Nougat Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Bar...well..just because! lol

So that was my Treehouse stash...I hope if you ever find yourself in Aberystwyth that you pay a visit to the Treehouse...if not to eat in..then to maybe do some shopping and some take out soup they serve behind the counter.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your Saturday is a fantastic one filled with laughter?