Thursday, 1 November 2012

Road Tripping...*happy dance*...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

The Mavericks ~ Dance The Night Away
PCD ~ I Don't Need A Man
Kelly Clarkson ~ The Trouble With Love Is
Caro Emerald ~ That Man
Kanye West & Jamie Fox ~ Gold Digger
Sade ~ Your Love Is King
Brandi Carlile ~ Again Today
Thunder ~ Out of My Heads
Robert Palmer ~ Every Kinda People
P!nk ~ So What
Xtina ~ Walk Away
Lady Gaga ~ Just Dance
Extreme ~ More Than Words (T's favourite song! haha!)
John Lennon ~ Mind Games

Today we are packing up our little car...dropping off the four legged fella off at Dev's for the afternoon on his way to his holiday digs...and then we are hitting the road. And we cannot wait. First stop is Manchester....ML has a ticket for the MUSE gig and is off to get the whole geek rock thing on. I however shall be getting comfortable back at the hotel...and no doubt Or watching Lie To Me on netflix. Do I know how to live or what??? lol

Destination 1
The next stop on the road trip is Telford...never been there..not sure what's there. But I am told it's kinda nice. lol. But Friday for me is all about....IKEA! Stop laughing...I haven't been near an IKEA in 3 years. I miss walking around the marketplace looking at all the bits and we are stopping off in Warrington to visit the store and have lunch..and I am so happy about it. Once again, do I know how to live or what??? lol.

My 2nd destination..*happy dance*
Oh ok...ok....the real 2nd destination....

I am looking forward to the stop here...and will be reporting back with photos later next week.

Then from here we are heading down into Wales. Now I went to Wales for the first time two years ago...and I fell in love with it. We are going to a slightly different area this time but it's still near Aberystwyth which I loved. The accommodation this time is very different..last time it was a gold standard caravan which was lovely and a real pleasure to stay in. Apart from when I decided to roast some chilli's...think our eyes were sore for Live and This time we are staying in a 2 person the middle of nowhere..with no my posts will be hastily put together in a cafe that has

New Quay, Wales
We are staying near New Quay...which looks to be a very lovely little coastal town...but I'll be found here....

Beautiful...isn't it?
So the final destination of our first road trip is this lovely little converted barn thingy...

And here are some snaps of the interior...

Lounge/Diner....note wood burning stove..ML is beyond happy! lol.
I love the tiled floors and the windows...looking forward to the sunshine in the mornings...or sitting watching the rain....either

Can't wait to get in Except for the glass hob....not a fan....but hey... this TMI??? lol
Really love all the tile/slates throughout the cottage...

Comfy star gazing....
I am looking forward to star gazing....and hope the bed is as comfortable as it looks lol.

Thanks for stopping by...and I'll be back soon with updates on our travels...Trustworthy will be popping in every now and then to keep an eye on things and post a couple of times too. So thank you lovely man for that.

I hope your weekend is a great one folks....OK gotta go pack like a mad Or I'll be left