Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rocket & Roses Chilli Hummus & Roasted Veggies Stuffed Burritos

Rocket & Roses Wales Play List:

The Union ~ Holy Roller
Pearl Jam ~ Release
Bodyrockers ~ I Like The Way You Move
Blondie ~ Rapture
Adams & Turner ~ It's Only Love
Dani Wilde ~ Where Blue Begins
Maroon 5 ~ Doin' Dirt
Don Williams ~ I Believe in You
Melissa Etheridge ~ Heroes & Friends
Nickelback ~ Next Go Round
Alice Cooper ~ Poison
The Zutons ~ Bumbag
Blondie ~ Sunday Girl
Paul Weller ~ Time Passes..

I make many apologies for the photos for today's posting. They were taken at night...under artificial light...and in a rush! But I had to share this meal with was one I enjoyed over two days and loved every spicy moment of it. It came about simply by the fact I had roasted off a tray of pumpkin, red onions, yellow courgettes, red and yellow peppers and some baby beets and once I had used them for what I needed them for, I had leftover pumpkin, red onion and a little red pepper. I also had a pot of Spicy Piri Piri Hummus with which I wanted to make something. So it kinda came together with the aid of a mixing bowl and spoon. lol

Toasty on the outside...and soft on the inside...and so deliciously spicy.
I added the leftover roasted veggies into the bowl along with a small tin of drained and rinsed sweetcorn then added the hummus and mixed until it was all combined and evenly coated. Then using four tortillas I filled and rolled them and placed them into a baking dish. And grated some soy cheeze generously over all four. And placed them into a hot oven for 25 minutes.

They came out looking like this! lol
I served them with a large salad bowl consisting of rocket/arugula, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. No dressing..

The soft yummy filling exposed...
These weren't huge burritos and the two pictured were on a tea plate lol. But they were spicy, comforting and with the refreshing salad a real treat to eat. And as I said I enjoyed them over two days...the second day...blimey had the chilli I needed a beer..but they were still awesome. Now I think this could easily be replicated by using standard hummus and either fresh chillies or chilli paste. Obviously you would need to adjust the amount of chilli to your own personal tastes.

Sadly this is the last time I'll be using wheat based tortillas for a while as I've had to accept that wheat is not my shall be going back to exploring the whole gluten free vegan world once more.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Wednesday is bringing you smiles in abundance?