Saturday, 24 November 2012

Tears,Tea & Friendship

Rocket & Rose HQ Play List:

Thunder ~ Fired Up (Live)
The Fratellis ~ Lupe Brown
Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ The Things I Used To Do
Shakira ~ Donde Estan Los Ladrones?
Nickelback ~ Leader of Men
Tim McGraw ~ Where The Green Grass Grows
Adele ~ Cold Shoulder
Wild Cherry ~ Play That Funky Music
Poison ~ Your Mama Don't Dance
Robbie Williams ~ It's De-Lovely
Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Cold Shot
Jack Johnson ~ What You Thought You Need
JET ~ Don't Break Me Down
Hoobastank ~ The Reason

This week has not been great for many reasons and with being ill too I have struggled to keep my sanity sense of humour. Hence, hardly any blog postings this week and I am sorry for that. And I once again thank you for your continued loyalty and patience.

Today has been by far the very worst I have struggled with the side effects of my medications and the other many factors that my brain is struggling to process. So I found myself in tears from the moment I woke...until..well..the last couple of hours if I am honest.

ML has been on hand to try and help, Trustworthy has stayed up and talked with me and the sock stealer has been completely puzzled as to why I am an emotional basket case today. I guess we all have to have days where we can let our emotions's healthy isn't it?

Image found online and is not my own. I take no credit
for it's beauty and wonderful words.
So when I was told about friends visiting this afternoon I was completely unsure as to whether I could do it. Two very close friends who on any other day I would be very happy to see, felt beyond me today. And I fretted and...well cried. They arrived and as soon as I heard their voices and watched the Sock Stealer get excited to see his new pal fretting and tears ceased. My friends came in and after hugs of welcome and the making of tea and opening of the biscuits tin...the four of us sat down and caught up with each other. And for three hours I was tear free...often smiling...and a few times laughing.

After much tea drinking, biscuit eating (our friends tucked in as neither ML or myself could eat any..) and talking, not to mention the entertainment the two pooches It was all too soon for them to go and make their way to pick up Dev from work. And after they left I was so very happy they came and was the first to admit I had been wrong to fret or worry.

I'm English and so therefore do not celebrate Thanksgiving but if I did and I was asked what I was most thankful for this would be my friends. Without them I would be lost...they can pull me back from the edge of despair that I have found myself teetering on a lot in the last six months. All of them are fantastic individuals...who all bring something unique to my life...and I am grateful for every single one of them.

This evening I am not in tears! But I am still raw but I am hopeful after a good nights sleep I will wake up in the morning with my usual resolve and fighter firmly back in place.

We all gets moments like this don't we? Surely I am not alone in this? If you are feeling something similar...please hang in there...This Too Shall Pass...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Saturday has been a fantastic one filled with friendship and laughter....