Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cwmtydu Cove, Wales..intense and intoxicating..

Rocket & Roses Wales Play List:

Rod Stewart ~ First Cut Is The Deepest
Kelly Clarkson ~ Miss Independent
Racey ~ Some Girls
Garbage ~ The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Katy Perry ~ Thinking of You
Beyonce & Shakira ~ Beautiful Liar
David Bowie ~ Sorrow
Thunder ~ Lethal Combination
Lady Antebellum ~ Love This Pain
Within Temptation ~ All I Need
Tina Dico ~ Goldhawk Road
Kid Rock & Gretchen Wilson ~ Picture (Live)
Thunder ~ In A Broken Dream
Newton Faulkner ~ All I Got

If it is emotionally possible..I fell in love with a hidden cove in Wales. You folks know I have a obsession thing for waterfalls, right? I can sit, stand or lay gazing at waterfalls for hours. I am completely taken over by their power and beauty. And now it seems this little cove we found on holiday can make me do this too...lol.

The 'Nook' was in the middle of nowhere as I've said before and there was a single lane down from the entrance which was a very scary drive down the steep and twisting road...let me tell you! Lots of hands over eyes and girly shrieks until we reached the bottom..lol. But it was worth every second when you came out at Cwmtydu Cove. Now the weather had pretty much been heavy rain, light rain and moments of sunshine all week...which wasn't a problem for us and for me personally it was lovely and added atmosphere to the look of the cove. My camera came out and I went completely snap happy...and so here are some of results. I hope you enjoy them...

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
Apparently it had been a very important cove in its past. Once a smugglers cove with caves to store their bounties and then later the main way of bringing in supplies and iron..and we both wondered how the heck they managed that..but they obviously did..lol And also Grey Seals make visit every now and then...

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
The waves breaking against the rocks were mesmerising. I was completely taken away....

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
I felt my creative batteries being recharged every second of being there...never wanted to leave.

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
The right side of the cove. And the most dramatic I thought. The waves crashing and the sound were relentlessly overwhelming and I felt myself being drawn to them..felt completely lost at one point...

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
A close up view on the water meeting rocks...couldn't get the exact shot that I wanted but this one was close. On the flattened rocks I pictured feisty mermaids sat there...lol. Loved it.

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
You can't really see the cave entrance unless you look hard...so I shall leave that for you to work out...lol. Tease? Yes...always...lol

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
Sadly but not surprisingly I wasn't well enough to walk along the beach...so ML had to go alone and explore.

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
I would have loved to have gotten this close to the water. I even had my new Rock Chick wellies on too! Such a shame...

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
See! I was all ready to go splashing in the water...oh well..next time, eh? lol Nice boots, eh?

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
Now this is slightly different view so it was selected...lol. Love the curve of the rocks...

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
ML enjoying a stroll along the shore....deep in thought...probably..."Bloody hell it's cold!" lol.

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
Back around to the left side of the cove...exploring the rock formations...to the left is the beginning of a large rock pool.

© Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen 2012
The rock pool is lovely and is fed by a river that runs down into it and then out to the sea. Again I loved the rocks...thought they could almost come to life and talk to you and tell their tales...or is that just me? lol.

Well that was just a few of the snaps I took of Cwmtydu Cove and for more information about it click...here! 

I hope to go back one day and explore it like I would have loved to but for now I have the photos to remind me of the feeling of being so small and insignificant and enjoying the powerful energy from the water. Better than any medicine I'm taking right now!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Tuesday is being good to you?