Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Olympic Grinch..well kinda...and a veggie Olympian

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Shakira ~ Men In This Town
Billy Joel ~ All About Soul
Tanita Tikaram ~ Good Tradition
The Jam ~ The Eton Rifles
Mr Sinatra ~ Come Fly With Me
Dolly Parton ~ We Had It All
Beth Hart ~ Is That Too Much To Ask
The Foo Fighters ~ Gimme Stitches
Queen ~ Don't Stop Me Now
Sammy Davis Jr ~ Eee - O Eleven
Prince ~ Cream
Roy Orbison ~ Losing You
Faith Hill ~ The Way You Love Me
Guns N' Roses ~ Sweet Child O' Mine

There is a sporting event happening in this country right now..maybe you've heard of it? The London 2012 Olympics? No? Ah were messing with Yes this event is hard to escape but I am trying my best. Oh..ok that is a lie..I have followed some of it. In particular the Archery as I have had a passion for this..well..forever. Way before The Hunger Games were ever (Never read you recommend them?) Can't wait to be well enough to do it again.

Women's Team GB Archery..didn't do so good but at least they
were there and gave it their best. Next time!
I reluctantly watched the opening ceremony with ML who really wanted to. After the initial "Oh isn't England quaint?" nonsense was over I really quite enjoyed it. What broke the ice for me was James Bond..I love Daniel Craig as Bond..totally rocks. And then Rowan Atkinson...I loved the humour.

Love him..Chariots of Fire suddenly
became more
I enjoyed the musical element but found myself flagging by the escaped to bed, to leave a watery eyed ML to see it through to the end. And the next day I was told  repeatedly I had missed something special with the lighting of the Olympic Torches so had to You Tube it and was very beautiful...I had to agree. But was very pleased to have missed I am not the biggest fan. .and yes I know admitting this could get me flogged! lol.

Olympic Flames..I admit it..awesome.
Image not mine..found online.
Like I said I have followed the Archery and ML has followed the Sailing and the Beach Volley Ball..Yep! lol. And last night as I was going to bed I heard that Jess Ennis had won her Gold and I was pleased for her. Then was later told GB got 6 Golds yesterday...missed them Was too busy watching movies and being good. You see..I am much more of a participator than a watcher..always have been. It just reminds me of the restrictions that I am currently living with. So the idea of sitting for hours on end watching every feed of this event leaves me cold with a side of chills. Therefore...Grinch! lol.

Bits and pieces I have read in the press or listened to on the radio have made me hinkey at times. Especially the constant references to the Athletes diet..and how they 'need' the protein in animal forms. I have found myself growling a few So when my VegNews showed up in my email and I found the headline Olympic Athletes Thriving on Vegetarian Diets I was overjoyed. I know athletes can thrive on a veggie/vegan eating know this too eh? So it was great to finally see some recognition of this fact from the Olympians.

Lizzie Armitstead proudly showing off her Gold...and so she should.
Image not my own..found online.
So shall I be partaking in any more of the Olympic viewing? Not sure if I'm honest. I keep up to date on it's happenings by ML and my pal Trustworthy who are both far more interested than I My pals D & B had tickets for events on Saturday and I greatly enjoyed looking at their smiley faces via Facebook...and I look forward to hearing about their day. My kid brother is also in London right now and he was planning on watching the Women's that fitted into his very busy museum schedule. lol.

Highly gratuitous James Bond shot with the other
Well it would've been rude to mention him and not show him, eh?
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is a very pleasant one folks?