Monday, 27 August 2012

Tattoo Love: Trees

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Things they are a changing in the Rocket & Roses HQ for a kid brother is moving in with us for a while so today is all about the busy...busy for ML and G (kid brother) as they are making room for him to move I'm not able to help I am sat in my bedroom chair in a purely supervisory capacity. lol. It's actually a holiday day here in the UK so yes the weather is miserable too. lol. And I'm not in the best of moods of those..low point moods. You know what I mean? You don't? Oh!'s best for everyone if I hide out up here Anyway....

So ideas for a blog for lol. Then found a photo of an awesome tattoo on Pinterest. And then the idea popped into my head...Trees! lol. Simple as that....

Tree of Life...the tattoo that inspired me..
I loved the placement..the colours...the design...the pop of the heart..and the font used for the wording.!

I found this design online and I have to have this tattoo some day..
Have it! lol
The clean lines on this design drew me in and the fresh green leaves...the words added to the roots I thought a nice touch too.

This piece really grabbed me..
I love the tree designs with the blossoms and this one is a very pleasing example.

As a whole piece I simply admire it..
This design with the extended roots and the heart...quite beautiful.

The autumnal tree used in this tattoo I found quite graceful. And loved the two leaves that were still hanging in there. lol. But a very different tattoo to the others...

Why do I love tree tattoo's? I don't know, it could be that I find forests and woods to be very peaceful places. I love that they are bringers of breath to us humble creatures that share this planet. I love the history they could tell if they could talk. What sights they would've seen...They are also beautiful...except for Willow trees..they just look so sad. Standing beside a majestic it's shelter...makes you understand just how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. And I'm OK with that reality check every now and then....

Thanks for stopping by and listening/reading my ramblings about tattoos. lol. And I hope your Monday has been a very good one....


NB: None of the images are mine. They were found during online & Pinterest searches. I take no credit for them what so ever and would happily give credit where it's due if you recognise these images. And would also take them down if it was your wish...thanks ~R~