Tuesday, 21 August 2012

For the love of being Vegan

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Lissie ~ In Sleep
Rainbow ~ I Surrender
Maroon 5 ~ Stutter
Suzi Quatro ~ Tear Me Apart
Bon Jovi ~ Born To Be My Baby
The Three Tenors ~ Puccini: Nessun Dorma
Halestorm ~ It's Not You
Guns N' Roses ~ Knockin' On Heavens Door
Sara Sant'Ambrogio ~ Ave Maria (cello)
Brandi Carlile ~ My Song
Rod Stewart ~ The Way You Look Tonight
Mr. Sinatra ~ Night and Day
Natalie Merchant ~ Life Is Sweet
The Urban Voodoo Machine ~ Hells Bells

Today's post is exactly what it says on the title...the love of being vegan. And to celebrate it, in its many forms...through imagery. It's a little fun...and thoughtful too. I hope you enjoy it..

For more information visit the awesome Vegan Society
I have lost count of how many times I have been asked...What do vegans eat? Really it's not rocket science, is it? lol But for those who need a visual this one is quite good...and for other information I always suggest a quick trip to The Vegan Society website.

Peace, Love & Tofu Tee...love it lol.
What is not to love about this vegan item...it's a tee and it's promoting Peace...always good...Love...always essential...and Tofu!! Have to say I would wear this with pride! lol

Vegan is Sexy!!! Important fact...
There is nothing more sexy than another vegan...really there aren't any other words necessary...(my point is adequately made by Ms.Silverstone above..thank you Peta) I have a board on Pinterest with just the Peta posters...to visit it just click here...

Fair point..well made..eh?
This fact always boggles my mind..people who are fiercely 'animal rights' but still eat meat...I know they make many arguments to back up their choices and would argue anyone into the floor with them. But doesn't it really come down to this simple fact above? For me, it does...

I laughed so hard when I found this...lol
I have to say the stereotype of the pale and weak veggie/vegan really gets me cross. Complete nonsense...and sometimes people just need that little reminder! Grrrrr! lol.

I remember the first time I saw this Peta poster...it stopped me dead in my tracks. As a child visits to the butchers had always been traumatic for me (Life long veggie remember!! Yes never eaten meat..) I hated the smell...I hated seeing all the meat and poultry hanging and laid out around the store. I had nightmares about the place. Hated.It! But the image that stuck with me the most was the poster above the counter of the cow all sectioned up. I was horrified at the age of 4 about the 'poor Moo cow' up on that poster...and it stayed with me. So seeing this poster...horrified me...but reaffirmed how horrific eating flesh is to me and always will be. It definitely makes its point well...

I don't need this...but I want it! lol
Now I have no idea where to find this great necklace...I wish I did. I would buy it and wear it a lot. I love the tattoo imagery mixed with the angry tomato/apple/pepper (?) backed up by the veggies/fruits. I would almost definitely have this as a small tattoo somewhere...lol. Hey..it takes all sorts to make our world go round! lol

A talented vegan singer/songwriter ~ Ms Alanis Morrissete.
There are many great and talented singer/songwriters who are vegan. And it's great when they do their bit to promote the vegan lifestyle and this woman definitely does her share. So this is one of my favourite songs by her...I also love the Freemasons mix...

This made me laugh out loud!
You have to have a sense of humour...and especially when we have many people out there taking shots at us for our lifestyle...this one gave me many laughs and I hope it does you too!

And finally....

Vegan for love...Vegan for life!
Yes! The tattoo portion of today's blog. You knew it was coming didn't you? lol. And I searched through quite a few pages of vegan tattoos until I found the right one. Veggie burgers tattooed on the back of both legs...really? I mean a love a veggie burger as much as the next veggie/vegan but tattooing them on both my legs..erm..no. But hey if that's your thing..all power to ya! lol. (read comment above about it takes all sorts etc..lol)

Anyway when this flashed up on my screen I knew I had found the right one for me. I love the beauty of the lotus (a very symbolic flower for me..) and the words are simple but have great impact and I love the placement of the tattoo. Vegan tattoos rock!

So that was my light-hearted walk through some of the factors of living in the vegan world. It is a beautiful place to be...

Thanks for stopping by and for your endless patience with my illness folks. It means alot. I hope your Tuesday is a great one and the coming days too..


NB: All images used in this blog were found during online searches via Google. So therefore I take absolutely no credit for their creation and if they are your creations please feel free to email me at rocketandroses@aol.com and I would happily update the blog giving you full credit..or if is your request..remove the image. Thanks ~R~