Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cook Book Junkie: Bargains galore...

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Hello folks..I'm back. Thanks to Trustworthy for holding the fort yesterday and I really enjoyed his post on Smoothies. He really is an Much like I am for cook books. I admit it..I am Red and I am a cookbook addict. And I hope never to be in recovery. lol.

With funds being short like it is for everyone right now I have taken to looking for alternative sources to fulfil my habit. And this week I was able to add two more books to my collection.

I have wanted this book for a while's vegan and
mostly GF too.
I found this little beauty on Amazon...and a brand spanking new copy would've set me back £30 rrp..but I found it for £1! With the standard £2.80 postage included that was still a freaking steal...saving me £26.20....not too shabby eh? lol. When it arrived it was in almost perfect condition except for a small mark on one corner of the spine. But it still had the dust jacket intact.

I assumed my usual position when it comes to new cookbook arrival. I made myself a cup of Roasted Barley Tea...sat down lotus style in my lounge chair...Ipod on and then read it cover to cover. Oooohing and Ahhhhing over the wonderful recipes inside...marking off the pages for the recipes I 'need' to try straight away. The recipes, with the exception of a few 'too sweet-and-savoury mixed' types, are fantastic and many are very simple. I can't wait to get started on them. And that is my challenge for myself this make one recipe each day. So foodie postings are on the way folks..promise.

I was very happy with this bargain purchase...

My second bargain was a copy of a classic cookbook...which is one of the very first cookbooks put into print. However the cheesy cover of this one makes me suspect it's a reprint from the 70s lol. The lovely mustard cover gives it

Mrs Beeton's Family Cook Book
Now, being a cookbook junkie and not having a copy of Mrs Beeton's cookbook was always a cause of irritation. I knew that I would never use 90% of the recipes in it as they are clearly not even remotely vegan. But my collection seemed to be missing something without one. And even though most of the recipes wouldn't be used...I believe that between those covers I will pick up some knowledge to use in the future. And I am always willing to learn more about cooking..and I believe she really did have something to teach all of us willing food writers.

So this rather battered copy came to me via Facebook..Yep. A woman who I used to babysit for (aged by 100 years when I read her when she was a little one, was offering this copy Free to a good home! She had a slightly older copy she used for her family and wanted to give this one away. So I messaged her and with a few hours it was sat on my desk. It's very musty and used and sadly the dust jacket is long gone but I don't care about books are meant to be used not to be admired from afar.

I haven't yet had time to sit with it and look through it properly but I will soon....So two cookbooks in one

I will be here with a foodie post tomorrow watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is a great one....