Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day Thoughts

Ah that commercial Hallmark day is here again. And I can say that as I used to work for Hallmark for a while. lol. I don't dislike the day but I do dislike the hype. Red is one of my favourite colours but even I tire of seeing it festooned everywhere. My Love knows how I feel 365 days a year without the big hype but we do acknowledge the day with a card. I do like that part of the day. This year we aren't going out and spending a fortune on flowers or meals.
Why give in to the price increases for this one day? Sheesh! 

We are happy in our little world we have here and our feelings are still as strong after 10 years. So we celebrate the day in small ways...My Love is a VW Beetle fan so the gift this year was a 'Paint your own Beetle Money Box' and the smile I received reassured me that it was a good and fun choice. And waiting for me on my desk was a small posy of snowdrops from the garden and a small heart shaped glass dish that I had coveted in a shop whilst on our travels this weekend. And it couldn't have been more perfect for me. 

Happy Valentines Day to all. It doesn't have to be about romantic love if you choose it not to be. To be loved by, friend or lover is a precious thing and should be celebrated everyday. Red x