Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Susan V's Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf (GF)

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We love a good veggie/nut/bean loaf in this house and I love trying out as many new recipes as possible. I found this particular loaf recipe on the fab website In the last year I have been having a reaction to gluten so when Susan V posted this recipe for a vegan loaf that was also Gluten Free I almost cried..OK maybe I didn't almost cry but I was very excited. 

However I did print off the recipe on the day Susan shared it but didn't make it until today. I just couldn't find Quinoa Flakes anywhere until  last month. Thank goodness for lol. 

I used Tamari instead of soy sauce and I used 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds in the place of walnuts. I also left out the rosemary as I don't like it. I baked mine in a large loaf tin (thank you Ikea! lol) and it had a total baking time of 55 minutes. 

Susan V's Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf...with veggie platter
Let me tell tasted so good. I served it with low fat roast potatoes and parsnips and steamed carrots, swede, broccoli and brussel sprouts. My Love also had some veggie gravy on the side. (Yuck..can't bear gravy! Takes all sorts I I think this platter looks quite festive..this may be our Christmas dinner? So for the recipe click on the link below and I hope you enjoy the pictorials that follow.

So once you get started it comes together quite quickly..and then before you know have this...

A lovely loaf awaiting a hot oven!
So then you wait for the 55 minute cooking time...the smell is divine..and then you put the parboiled potatoes and parsnips in to roast too...heaven. 

Hot and Toasty loaf straight from the oven..having its 10 minute sitting time
It came out of the pan easily as I'd lined it with paper and it held together really well as you can tell by the photos. The serving texture is a little soft but we enjoyed it anyway. 

Side shot of the platter with My Love's veggie
I know that we will be having this loaf many It seriously is that good. 

The end result...slices of the lovely loaf..Tasty and comforting...everything a loaf should be!
So once again..thank you to Susan V for creating another fantastic recipe and for sharing it with us! I hope you make this loaf for yourself and enjoy it as much as we have.