Sunday, 16 October 2011

Averie's Raw Chocolate Fudge Balls

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In a quiet moment whilst reading through one of my favourite blogs, that I follow every week..I found a link to 'Raw Ball Treats..'. 

Now we love Nak'd Bars here in the R&R household..if you haven't heard of them before...*shaking head* They are a range of snack bars that are completely vegan, 100% raw food and taste...delicious! Our favourites are the Cocoa Delight...Cocoa Orange and the Cashew Nut Bar...My Love also devours the Gingerbread But as delicious as they are..they are very pricey. So they are a luxury item and eaten rarely...(men look away now because I'm gonna talk briefly about women's things! lol). They are a wonder during those few days of the month when you would crawl over any dead body for some chocolate. They are chocolately enough to feed that 'she bitch from hell' moment and made from only raw and natural ingredients so they don't send your blood sugars sky rocketing. Well unless you eat a whole box full..but who can afford to do that?? lol. OK guys you can come back

I have tried many recipes and experimented myself, trying to replicate the addictive little bars of goodness. But either the recipe called for so many ingredients it was cheaper to just buy the bars themselves...or they just didn't have the right texture or taste. Some were good enough...some where great but couldn't be called a Nak'd Bar substitute. 

UNTIL TODAY!  Que celebration music and champagne corks popping...OK it may not be that exciting to You could be one of those people who can eat..anything..if so..good for you but please just allow me this moment of 

In my fridge 24 little balls of Chocolate Fudgy Goodness that taste exactly like Cocoa Delight Nak'd Bars and the best part is...they only contain 3 ingredients...yes...THREE! Medjool dates...raw cashew nuts and dark pure cocoa. 

Averie's Raw Chocolate Fudgy Balls ~ Truly delightful!
I found this fantastic find on a great website called This website is written by a very talented woman called Averie and she has the most incredible recipes and her photos are fab. She's an inspiration for sure. So to look at her site you can click the link above or just for the recipe for the Chocolate Fudgy Balls click the link below. Trust me it's part of a larger posting.

Averie has so many great raw and vegan treats on her site and I intend on trying them all. So thanks go out to Averie for this simple but tasty recipe. 

The Medjool Dates are worth the finding as they have a completely different texture to the regular dates we get in the UK. We found Medjool dates in Tesco's in their fruit and veggies section...they are a little more expensive but so worth it. I will try out this recipe with regular dates but I think I may need to soak them first to get a similar texture. I will update this posting when I do. 

This recipe was too good not to share with you all. 3 ingredients!! Still in shock..infact I may have to go and test another one..just to make