Monday, 9 September 2013

Under renovation

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Hello folks...I'm back..well kinda. lol. As ML posted for me last week or maybe the week before that my laptop (Ruby) died. Thankfully she has spent some time with a tech and he kinda has her up and running again...although not perfectly. So I have been taking this time to have a rethink about R&R. I am currently working with ML to bring a new and improved blog to you and I am quite happy about the way it's going. I ask you to be patient with me for a little while longer and please keep coming back and checking out the archive of fantastic recipes I have for you and maybe have a chuckle at some of the others blog postings. lol. 

In response to emails asking after my physical health...thank you! *hugs* I am doing ok although a little without energy at times and a few dizzy spells..some would say that is just normal for me anyway..cheek! lol. The last few weeks have been interesting times and having to switch off from the net for a while was a blessing. And it helped me take stock of my life and what direction I want it to go...a reevaluation of my entire life and it's been at times times blissful...and at times confusing...but I am through the worst of it and feeling very positive and happy. I may get knocked down but I always get back up again. So thank you for your concern but this rock chick ain't over yet! lol 

In the meantime you can catch my new tumblr at
and on Pinterest at RedRocketRoses VeganKitchen

Thanks for stopping by and please keep an eye out for the relaunch and I hope you all are healthy & happy and if not those things...surviving. Remember I am only an email away if you want to vent...