Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just a quick note! lol

Rocket & Roses Play List:

Glen Campbell ~ Meet Glen Campbell Album 
(his covers album..quite cool..enjoying it)

Hello folks...well it's been quite a week with one thing or another. We are almost finished with all the changes and I believe we are finessing the finer points tomorrow. So *crossing everything* by Sunday I should be able to bring you a posting from the new and improved Rocket & Roses blog. Although my laptop is still playing up so I am unable to post the funny picture I was hoping to include in this posting. Shame. 

So once more...thank you for coming back everyday and pootling around the old postings and thank you for all your emails and messages. And glad to hear you are all enjoying my tumblr and Pinterest pages. 

(Oh..Glen is now singing U2's When All I Want Is good. Oi!..emotional Urgh..) 

I hope your week has been a great one and you are looking forward to a beautiful weekend.