Monday, 23 September 2013

Sheesh...this has been a trip! We are just working out the

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List
Halestorm ~ Freak Like Me
The Eagles ~ A Certain Kind of Fool
Joan Jett ~ Up From The Skies
T-Rex ~ Get It On
Metallica ~ The Struggle Within
Court Yard Hounds ~ Fear Of Wasted Time
Sara Sant'Ambrogio ~ Chopin SonataOp: 65:Largo
Buckcherry ~ Black Butterfly (acoustic) 
Nat King Cole ~ Stardust
The Cranberries ~ Will You Remember
VAST ~ Temptation
Temple of the Dog ~ Hunger Strike
Thunder ~ It Could Be Tonight
Zac Brown Band ~ It's Not OK

Hours and hours of this..(actually this is almost exactly like ML when concentrating!).lol
We are almost done you can see the visual changes are almost complete, with just a few minor adjustments needed. It's safe to say there has been a lot of Expletive Therapy in use and desperate shouts of "WHY????? WHY WON'T YOU DO THAT???? I HATE YOU!..." Ahem...and other such lovely moments. lol. But between the two of us we have managed to get the new blog to a place where I am almost happy. I needed to change things up a little and have felt for a long time it was in need of an update. We still are working towards the website we have but that would need more hours and skills then we have. So that is shelved as a long term goal now. 

There are changes with the new blog...I will be posting 3 days a week with food based posts and the other days will be music, art, travel and story of the week. Also monthly postings tba as of yet. 

I am looking for Guest hosts to take a couple of days out of the month and if you are interested just drop me a line at and we can see where that goes. 

Sadly we have lost a member from the R&R family...Trustworthy is no longer with onto bigger and better things and I wish him well. His old guest posts are still available under his label as he was a popular Guest...those of you in Brisbane...I hope one day you see his Vego Van about the place. Peace, love and light T.

I am hoping and waiting for approval from the Docs to start regaining my physical strength...and when I get it (because I will dammit!) I will be sharing with you my progress via my Physical Activity Diary...and I am very aware that it may be quite boring to start....5 minutes on the bike...then collapse..but it will be all there and hopefully my progress will be encouraging to others in a similar situation. 

I now have an Art Gallery feature...which is a simple slide show with pieces of art that inspire me. I shall be adding to it constantly so there will always be something new to see. 

There are two new features that are Amazon album of the week is a great feature because it allows you folks to listen to soundbites of the whole album. And if you choose to buy it then great..but believe can buy it wherever you like because I am not gonna get rich from their So please don't think I am pushing for I find that thing just silly. It was just a great gadget. The second is similar as it's linked to Amazon but it's simply a living bookshelf of all my most favourite vegan and veggie cookbooks..and is visually better than just a list, eh? 

My Mantra of the week will be updating with mantras that are relevant to my situation each week and I hope you find something in them too? I can't promise they will always be one popped to my attention this week and it was very real for me...Be nice or f**k off! Sometimes blunt and honest works better for me. lol So if a particular week isn't for you...ignore it and maybe next week will be more to your taste. 

In the updated blog I am going to be I've been through a lot of emotional and physical upheaval and I am healing but I'm still here and I refuse to be anything other then me from here on...

So onwards and upwards....and thank you for staying with me whilst I was getting things sorted out. And a huge thank you to ML for being by my side...even when the Expletive Therapy was in full 

New posts will start from Wednesday...woo! lol. I hope your week starts well and you are surrounded by peace...