Thursday, 4 April 2013

Divine Purple Breakfasts

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Paul Weller ~ You Do Something To Me
Bill Withers ~ Ain't No Sunshine
(gotta love iPod shuffle, eh? lol)

I don't know about you but I get in a breakfast rut. I'm quite hard to please when it comes to breakfast food selections. I can feel ML rolling those eyes right now...saying..."Tell me about it!..." lol.

I spent quite of few years of my late 20's and early 30's enjoying a pot of freshly brewed black coffee as breakfast and dare I say it...a cigarette or two. Oi vey! My poor body. I would enjoy the occasional bagel at weekends. I am happy to report I haven't touched a cigarette in 11 years....and well..although I don't partake often I would say I am a coffee addict in recovery. lol. I try and stick to decaf these days and not very often because just the smell can....mmmmmm...ahem...sorry..temporary slip. Right...where was I?

So breakfast! I am always trying to eat the rainbow of foods and this week my purple food choices have been plentiful. One of my favourite tofu scrambles is Red/Cabbage and Caraway from Vegan Brunch. I adore red/purple cabbage and will eat it whenever I can. ML has been making it all this week for breakfast and it is a glorious thing. I love the slight bite to the cabbage, the aroma that attacks your senses is heaven and I have been very happy to enjoy this every morning. Who knows maybe next week it'll be yellow or orange breakfasts. lol.

Curried Tofu Scramble with Red/Purple Cabbage and Caraway

The photo above is from the original posting about this beautiful bowl of purpleness and this weeks bowl has been more purple than the one shown. lol. Ah the days when ML could enjoy a bowl of the spicy goodness for breakfast too.

This last weekend when ML and I ventured out to do some grocery shopping we picked up two types of berry. First was a tub of the most succulent blackberries....probably my favourite of all the berries. So many memories of me and my Grandad and on occasion my Mum..getting scratched to heck picking tubfuls for my Nan to make us Blackberry and Apple pies with. lol. The good old days. The second tub filled to the brim was Artic Blueberries. Now blueberries I can take or leave. I am very aware of the goodness in them and I can enjoy the standard ones...I don't hate them. To me they are just...well...meh! To use one of Trustworthy's terms. lol. I can find them tasteless sometimes too so when I picked up the tub of these large Artic berries...I was very suspicious. Would they be bland...would they be squishy..also another issue of mine. I like my berries fresh with no squishiness. But something told me to take a chance....

A divine bowl of purple berries...
(Image not mine. Found online so take no credit)
The blackberries were sweet and each little cell popped on my tongue...and the Artic blueberries were crisp (perfection) and exploded with a huge burst of flavour in my mouth. The perfect accompaniment to a savoury breakfast. I can honestly say....Artic Blueberries...oh mama....addicted. But it's a much better addiction than coffee right? lol.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a Samphire recipe...another fab ingredient we found at the weekend. Hope I like it? lol.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are looking forward to a fantastic weekend....