Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sculpture Love: Penny Hardy

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The Union ~ The World Is Yours

You Blew Me Away by Penny Hardy
Happy weekend one and all...I am pleased to report I am finally recovering from the viral nasty overload. But definitely not up to speed I've been keeping quiet and doing a lot of movie watching, reading and researching. Oh yes..and cruising Pinterest. lol. And it was during one of those sessions that I found this sculpture by the very talented artist Penny Hardy.

I love the haunting yet powerful feel to the piece...and I hope to see it up close and personal one day. Having looked into Ms Hardy's other pieces..I can now say I am a huge fan...and will be seeking them out as soon as I am well. For more information about Ms Hardy's work simply click here for her website.

Tomorrow I hope to bring you a new brunch recipe that is packed with flavour and texture. Thanks for stopping by folks...and keeping the faith. Never taken for granted...

I hope your Saturday is a very excellent one...filled with things you 'want' to do....